Saturday, January 15, 2011

First finishes 2011

Black and white intarsia jumper

Aran jumper

Hi folks, hope you're all well.

I have been trying to catch up on emailing and blog reading but not doing too well on this. I was going to chat to you all here and now, but dh is driving me nuts, he has gone to clear the garage, but he's back in every couple of minutes to ask for my help, so I'm going out there to join him, or kill him!

Anyway just a quickie, my dd came home for 4 weeks over the Christmas and New Year holidays, and she wanted jumpers. I use to be a knitter, well I've always been a crafter so have done an awful lot of crafts in my time. I have, I think, 6 knitting machines, and a very large wool mountain (you just don't want to know LOL). On her first day I went in the loft and rummaged for my Aran patterns (I had an Aran passion at some time in the past), and down came my Aran books, and she picked a pattern she liked, and off we went to buy green wool. In my rummage I found the black and white jumper - which needed sewing up and lots of ends sewing in, and dd liked it, so that came out of the loft too. I think I finally stitched it up on 3.1.11, and so it became my first finish. This jumper was hand-tooled on the knitting machine, probably 15-20 years ago! Yikes, it was originally for me, anyway it finally got finished. Yesterday, in another rummage in the loft I found another jumper partly sewn together, from many years ago - not sure what I'm doing with that one.
Anyways back to the green wool purchase, I set about hand-knitting this, and of course had to have it finished before dd went back last Sunday, I did have some time off knitting it in the time she came home, as that Aran takes a bit of concentration, and I did want to do a bit of chilling over the holiday. By the last week she was home I still had two sleeves to knit, and I was back at work, so it became a slog to get it done. I was on the last sleeve on the Friday night, and spotted a mistake 4 inches lower, so lots of pulling out, and then lots of arm ache knitting it back up. I really wanted it finished by the Friday night, so that I had the Saturday night to sew it together because I was out during the day. Although I didn't finish the knitting on the Friday night, I was up early Saturday morning, so able to get the neckband knitted, and finally sew it up on the night, ready for dd to go back to Uni on the Sunday. Phew. This jumper is bottle green, but is showing up more Emerald on my monitor-don't know about yours. Sorry the pics a bit blurry too, I didn't realise until now, and as I don't have the jumper here, I can't take a better pic.

Hope to see you all soon. X


mainely stitching said...

Oh my goodness, those sweaters are stunning!

Christine said...

I'm impressed, it would take me months to knit that!

Barb said...

Wow speedy needles there Chris, coming up a teal blue on my screen. Gosh how on earth can you have 6 knitting machines too. Love them both though , wish my family liked hand knitted stuff mind you they would probably freeze before they were finished. I did Jack a jumper which he calls his Ron Weasley jumper lol.Say no more!

Irene said...

They are both beautiful jumpers !

Sally said...

They are gorgeous jumpers Chris. You knitted them up really quickly.