Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good news

Hi to anyone who is still out there in blogland.

The good news is that I seem to have got my stitching mojo back, so hoping to share some finishes with you, I just need to put the effort in to take the photo's.

I've also been catching up on blogs, now as I have hundreds in blogreader, it's taken a while, and I'll confess to just looking at the pictures for most of them, and when the occasional picture took my fancy then I read some posts too.

So having said that I don't think too many will read this, as if you're like me you like a good picture!  And this is where it doesn't work for me, I'm not good at getting a good picture!  I need more practice, I might go back to my old camera as that was much better than the last one I bought.

Hope to be back soon.

Happy stitching.