Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday SAL

Apologies for the poor quality picture, but as you can see I got a lot more done on Lady Scarlet, I can't wait for next Sunday. I still don't have my new pc up and running, but hopefully by next weekend. This weekend was a disaster with the washing machine yesterday which meant a trip to the launderette, and no electric on Saturday whilst some repairs were done to the lights.
Anyway, is anyone going to the NEC next Saturday, I'm really looking forward to it, but if you fancy meeting for a cuppa, just let me know.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Just Nan Sunday SAL

Here's Lady Scarlett again, she's really moving now. I'm really enjoying this, and she grew really fast on Sunday, and then when it was time for bed, I just had to stitch that squirrel before I turned the lights out. You know how it is.
I've not added the sheep and rabbit, but the Caron Impressions arrived this week from Rene. Thank you Rene. So you can be sure they'll be added this Sunday. I've been thinking that I might keep Sunday as my Just Nan day, as I have lots of her charts to do, and I thoroughly enjoy them. Maybe I'll do 4wishes next, or could it be Barnabee, or another, I can't remember how many JN charts I have but I know it was around the 70 mark. Now where would I put them all if I finished them, who knows. Maybe I should think carefully about this.
There's not been any stitching on MoP this week, in fact there's not been any stitching this week, but last week was secret stitching, I made a needleroll for an exchange, and this week I have more exchange stitching to do, so you won't be seeing that for a while.
And the good news is the new parts for my pc arrived yesterday, so hoping to get that set up today. Well it will be a complete new pc apart from the case, the CD and the DVD drive. And I decided to push the boat out and get a super silent PSU, as sometimes that noise of that fan going around really gets on my nerves. I can't wait to get back to blog reading. Oh and I'm hoping to get my favourite links and blogs off that old hard drive, as we discovered we can see them by using a Linux boot CD, so we just need to try and get them off that way. Wish me luck. And thanks to Nicola for the link. I new someone would come good.