Sunday, January 31, 2010

This weeks stitching.

This was another new start this week, but you're only getting a little peak. Any guesses what it is?

And here's my progress as of last night on Travelling stitcher, I'm really loving this one, the colours are so warming.

It's the last day to....................

..........................enter my competition. All the details are here.

If you want to enter, please leave a comment on that post before midnight. As I have comment moderation on, if you pick a number that someone has already chosen before I published their comment, then I will contact you and ask you to change it.

If you're one of my friends, without a blog, then you can email me your guess before midnight tonight please.

If you have already entered then please check you are on my sidebar.

I hope to be back later with some stitching to share, but it seems that dd has run off with that camera cable again!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My new start

Travelling stitcher
by Little House Needleworks

I couldn't resist this new start, I bought the chart pack back in November from the NEC. I've seen it around a lot on blogs, with the SAL going on, and it seems to be on a lot of peoples wishlists. I applied to join the SAL, but I've not heard back, so I think I may be too later, but I'm going to stitch it anyway. I'm loving the colours.

Monday, January 25, 2010

JN Sunday update

4 Wishes
by Just Nan

My progress after stitching last night, I stitched with 17 different colours last night, and as you can see I have now located the colour I needed to add the text.

I forgot to say that I finished Garden Girl last Thursday, so a new start was in order, which I will show you tomorrow. The battery needs charging in the camera. And not only was there a new start, there was another finish, but that's a gift, so you'll have to wait for that one. And then there was another new start! I think I have startitis, as I feel another start coming on tomorrow night too.

See you all soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday gifts

A birthday gift from a friend. Thank you Sally. Sally sent me this lovely scissor case, it's in shades of peach/purples, and look at the sentiment on the back, isn't that a nice saying. Sally and I live about 17 miles apart, so we have travelled that road a few times.

The front

The back of the scissor case.

This was my gift from my ds.........................

And one of my gifts from my dd, was a pair of slippers. These slippers are unique - my dd bought plain slippers, and decorated them with buttons from the button tin - isn't that a great idea.

My slipper

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank you

Thank you for all your wonderful Birthday Wishes, I think that's the most comments I've ever received. I put you all in a giveaway draw, and dh chose a number, so Kathy A, congratulations you have won a gift. I have no idea what it is yet, but please email me. I think you have my email address.

Now for my cake, I thought I'd show you a picture. On Monday I was at work, went to lunch, and discovered these little eyes looking at me. I couldn't resist that little face, so he came home with me, and so this was my birthday cake. How old am I? LOL. Could you resist a face like that, he just looked so sad. Although not sure how he feels now he has had his bottom cut off!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday, so I have taken the day off work. It's a day for me, so I may spend some time stitching. As you can see from the cards, I am now 50! Yikes. How did I get to be that age. Actually age is only a number, in my head I'm 26, and today is just another birthday, except people keep reminding me it's a 'special' day. Now come on, what is so 'special' about 50? Does it not just say you're getting old? Who wants to be reminded of that?

I think a bit of online shopping might be called for, a few stitchy treats for me, what do you think? I need to do a 'stock take' of my threads, I am starting to run out of some, so I shall find time for that, and get my order of DMC in. If you're in the UK, where do you buy yours? I don't think there is anywhere cheaper in the UK than where I get my DMC from, but I'd love to know where you shop for yours, and how much you pay.

Have a nice day everyone, I wish you could all come and share my cake.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Garden Girl is growing.

Garden Girl
by Country Cottage Needleworks

These designs just seem to grow so quick. The design called for DMC, and Little House brown, but I substituted it for DMC. At first I stole the Little House brown from another chart I have kitted, but then changed my mind and subbed the DMC. The other project has a few dyed threads in, so I decided to keep them all together. I know how I'm going to finish this one up, as long as I can find the right fabric.

4 Wishes progress

This is the latest progress picture of 4 Wishes. Not a lot of progress last night, and the frog came to stay awhile. And then there's a colour that is needed for the verse, but I have been unable to find it, it must be in a project somewhere? I can't wait for next Sunday to get this Winter section finished, then it's on to Spring.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A new start

I have been trying to control my need for new stitchy starts, but on Friday night I gave in again, and decided to start on this one. I'm hoping it will be a quick stitch, I would like to finish this up within the week. Today I'll be stitching on 4 Wishes, as it's JN Sunday.

Thank you all for visiting my blog, yesterday I think I had the most visits ever! I love it when you leave comments too, but I understand if you don't have time to leave a comment, with all the blogs I follow, I'd never have time to go to work or to stitch if I always left a comment. But be sure I am out there looking at your blogs.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Biscornu

Winter Biscornu
by The Victoria Sampler

The underside

The top

I decided to stitch this on Monday night, it's a freebie pattern available on the VS Yahoo group. Actually, it's a pattern for a competition on the group, which ended last night. The pattern will eventually be added as a freebie to the VS website. I stitched mine using DMC threads, on 28 vintage beige cashel.

There were snowflakes on the pattern, and also red cardinals, but I chose not to stitch them. I did start on a snowflake but it just did not show up well on the fabric. I had these small red Jade hearts in my stash, so I stitched those on where the snowflakes were meant to be. I wanted to add a red button to the centre but couldn't find anything suitable, so I added these gems, I can't remember the name of them, but they were something I had in my stash. I added bright red satin fabric under the hardanger hearts, and then it was finished. I did not add beads around the edges, as nothing I had seemed suitable. I love the design around the edge with it's little pine cones.

Friday, January 15, 2010

4 Wishes

4 Wishes
by Just Nan

This is my progress picture. I started this on Sunday, and have not stitched on it since. I was lucky enough to get some stitching in during the day as well as the evening. It was so nice to sit by the fire, and look out at the snow. The snow has just about disappeared now. I changed the bunnies tails on this pattern, I added an extra stitch because I thought they looked a bit square.

This week I have had a new start, and hoping I will finish it today, well actually I have finished the stitching, and started on the making up, so hopefully it will be finished today, I just need to get some fabric and stuffing.

Just wanted to thank you for all the comments and ideas for Snow Fall. And can you believe that one of my blog readers -Elena- has Lavender Hearts, and had my bead in their pack! and has offered to send me it, how wonderful is that.

Wishing you all a good day, I am off to the hairdressers.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did this kit include a frog?

Before Friday night stitching

Lavender Hearts biscornu
The Sweetheart Tree

Friday night SAT (stitchathon)

I picked this up on Friday night with the aim of finishing it (not all in one night). But there were lots of visits from the frog, each threaded needle seemed to have to be unpicked. And from what I could see I had already unpicked some in the past, so my guess is that's why it got put away last time. And there is one of the beads missing in the packet, so I think I will miss off the beads from the bottom side. Do you ever find projects like this?

Now can I face this again on Friday, or shall I pick something else?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where did it go wrong??

Snow Fall Roll
by Shepherds Bush

I decided to stitch a little more on this, but look at it. Below what I've stitched so far, I need to add a row of mittens (just started), followed by another row of stitching - well that makes it off centre, and I won't have as much fabric left at each end of the roll as I'd like, so I'm thinking I may pull the start of the mitten row out, and just leave it at that, apart from adding the lace, and a few finishing details - what do you think?

Could this be the reason it is off centre? I think I can only partly blame this, the pattern has two centre marks printed on it, I'm not sure which I used, but then this alone wouldn't account for how much the design is off centre, unless of course both of these markers are wrong?

Shall I start again?

Monday, January 11, 2010


The front gate

Trees in the street

The back garden

I'm sure most of you are aware that we have had a lot of snow in the UK, it seems to have made headline news around the world. Well, we have had snow since Jan 1st, it started snowing just after midnight, and snowed every day up to Friday and never melted, but Friday it came down heavy. Our garden on these pics has about 8-10 inches. The city became gridlocked at rush hour, and it took everyone hours to get home. Dh was on the bus, and the 10-15 minute journey took over one hour. Yesterday it started to rain, and it didn't stop, not heavy rain, but steady rain, and this has nearly washed all the snow away, but we are supposed to get more snow. We are now sweltering in the 2C temperature, is it nearly summer?

Tonight, I have finally got the camera cable back off dd, but did she put it back by the pc where I keep it - no, away in the camera box on top of a cupboard! - even though I was waiting for it! I'm sure if you have teenagers you know what it's like, you have to wait, and wait, and be patient, and wait, and then it's usually your fault - not theirs.

I made great progress on JN Sunday, so now need to get a pic of that for you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grrrrr, oh and there's a finish too.

Peppermint Twist
by The Sweetheart Tree
Teadyed 40ct linen
DMC threads

I've finished the December SAL, yay. Well I actually finished it on Thursday night, but only just got around to photographing it. I hope you like it. I know Sally is not far behind me. I really enjoyed this, although that wasn't what I thought when I first started it. I'm going to finish this as a large pinkeep, unless I change my mind.

And Grrr..............
If you're reading this and thinking where is the pic, well it will be here later. I used dh's camera, and it uses the same cable as dd's. I always leave this cable connected to my pc, but it's not there. Now dd lost her cable earlier last year (left it in a pc at college-and won't go and ask to have a look in lost property), so my guess is she has borrowed the one from here. I've been and searched her room, but not found it, and she is at work until tonight, wo we'll have to wait.

I have some other pictures to share too, but I'll post them another day.

Today is JN Sunday, and I've made a start already, and will look forward to stitching on this later tonight.

Thank you for all the guesses on my little competition - you sure have faith in me. If you've not entered yet, there's still time.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The 2010 Competition

Following the 2009 competition, we now have the 2010 competition.

The winner will be announced in 2011, and the winner will receive something I stitch just for them. (who knows what-it's a long way off)

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning, well it's just the same as last year. Answer the following question -

How many finishes will I have in 2010?

If you want to enter, please leave me a comment on this post, and I will list you in my side bar, you cannot be anonymous, or I will have no way to contact you if you win.

If more than one person gives the same number, I will contact you to ask you if you want to guess again.

A finish will be something I finish stitching this year, something I make up this year, another craft finish this year e.g. knitted socks, beaded necklace. If I complete the stitching and make it into something this year that will only count as one finish, if I stitched it in an earlier year and finish it this year that will count as one finish. If I frame it that will only count as a finish if I make the frame myself.

Competition closes on 31 January 2010.

Any questions please ask, and I hope you will all enter just so I know you are out there, and to encourage me in my stitching and blogging.

Good luck.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Just Nan Sunday

I decided to give in to Just Nan Sunday, and got the fabric down for cutting. The pattern recommends 28ct Raw linen, and I decided on 32ct, the beads are small enough to fit . Then (no idea why) I decided to look for 28ct, but didn't find any, but I did find 28ct Raw Quaker cloth, so I got that down for cutting. But, by the time I settled to start it was gone 8pm, so decided it was a bit too late in the night for a new start, I had to be up before 6am this morning for work, so - JN Sunday didn't happen............ now next week - definitely.

So I did a little more on Peppermint Twist, and I realised that I'd posted up a progress pic from Friday night, and I was a little further on really, I'd nearly finished the house, and planted a tree.

Peppermint Twist
poor quality photo due to
electric light and no flash!

So this is where I got up to last night, I planted two more trees, and lit the fires (see the smoke out of the chimneys). I don't think much more will happen tonight, I'm dead on my fit, and early night is called for.

Bye for now.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Christmas SAL

Here's my update pic for the December SAL, now I have noticed it's January, but I really want to finish this, or it will end up not finished. So this is what I am working on, until it is done.

I have a Just Nan SAL to start, and I have my pattern and threads pulled, I just need to cut the fabric, but I'm trying to resist or I will end up starting that. Although thinking on..... I used to have Just Nan Sundays, where I stitched every Sunday on a JN pattern - I think I should bring that back! Maybe my new start is closer than I want! LOL Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Competition result

Here's the rest of my 2009 finishes.

Plaid Greetings
by Ladybuy Lane Designs

Holly Ornaments
by The Sweetheart Tree

Winter Sampler
by Little House Needleworks

Noel Ornament
by The Sweetheart Tree

Holly Stocking
by Alice Okon

Christmas Tree Stocking
by Alice Okon

Heart Stocking
by Alice Okon

Candle Stocking
by Alice Okon

Full of Hope pinkeep-Hope
by MaryKathryn

Full of Hope pinkeep-Support
by Mary Kathryn

Design by Blackbird Designs

2009 competition details found here.

So here's the list of my 2009 finishes, taken from my sidebar.
  • 57. Pinkeep-Blackbird Designs
  • 56. Support
  • 55. Hope
  • 54. Candle Stocking
  • 53. Heart Stocking
  • 52. Christmas Tree Stocking
  • 51. Holly Stocking
  • 50. Winter Sampler
  • 49. Plaid Greetings ornamnent
  • 48. Noel ornament
  • 47. Holly ornament
  • 46. Stitcher's Scissor Fob
  • 45. Millenium Roll
  • 44. Stitcher's Roll
  • 43. English Christmas Roll
  • 42. Pine Pin Roll
  • 41. Folk Heart Roll
  • 40. Tudor Roll
  • 39. Americana Roll
  • 38. Garden Roll
  • 37. Thanksgiving Roll
  • 36. Tree ornament by VS
  • 35. Garden check needle roll
  • 34. Tin finish
  • 33. Santa fob
  • 32. Peace ornament by CCN
  • 31. Peace ornament by Rosewood Manor
  • 30. Bird ornament
  • 29. Snowman ornament
  • 28. GOS challenge-heart ornament
  • 27. Fortune cookie pillow
  • 26. Moon Riders
  • 25. Jinx
  • 24. Jasper
  • 23. Scream Girls
  • 22. Blog giveaway
  • 21. BeCAUSE it's Pink exchange
  • 20. Halloween Exchange
  • 19. By the Sea exchange
  • 18. Summer House exchange
  • 17. August birthday NR
  • 16. Hardanger ring pillow
  • 15. Christmas in July exchange
  • 14. Bianca scissor pocket
  • 13. Just Nan exchange
  • 12. 15 sided Blackwork biscornu
  • 11. The Sampler Lady (LHN)
  • 10. Blackberry Fob
  • 9. Blackberries on Gingham - biscornu
  • 8. Memories (JN)
  • 7. Peyote stitch bracelet
  • 6. Queen of the Needle (JN)
  • 5. Sealed with a Kiss
  • 4. Valentine tuck - Spots of Valentine
  • 3. Tin finish
  • 2. Valentine Exchange - The Vintage Look hear pillow
  • 1. Valentines Exchange - Planted Hearts scissor fob

Here's the list of entries I received in January last year, and I would like to thank you all for joining in with my bit of fun. I can't believe that I actually finished this many, had you asked me last January I think I would have expected around the 20 mark. So I am very surprised and I am thinking I spend too much time stitching/crafting!!
  • 25 - GoldenAngelsWorks
  • 27 - Carla
  • 31 - Stitchingranny
  • 34 - Danielle
  • 36 - Lisa
  • 37 - Carol R
  • 40 - Ginnie
  • 43 - Carol
  • 44 - Clare
  • 45 - Sally
  • 47 - Jackie
  • 48 - Pam
  • 49 - Sam
  • 50 - Nima
  • 51 - Becky K
  • 52 - Julie
  • 53 - Daffycat
  • 54 - Sadie
  • 56 - Christine
  • 59 - Brokenfairy
  • 61 - |Lindsay
  • 62 - Sherry
  • 65 - Moll
  • 72 - Maddy Moo
No one got the exact number but Christine guessed at 56, so was only one out. Christine please send me your details, and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to stitch just for you. I know you're a regular visitor to my blog, and leave me lots of comments, so hopefully you will read this.

Friday, January 01, 2010

The Drop Outs

I've been looking over the past year, and here's some pics of the starts that never made the finishing line. Some you may have seen before, and others you won't have seen at all.

One sock from a sock kit, this is to be pulled out,
and will probably end up as a scarf.
Just too chunky.

Regia yarn socks - Kaffe Fasset wool
The first one the foot was too long, the second the foot is too short.
The first one is to be pulled out and restarted,
the second will have the toe pulled out, and the foot lengthened.

Knitted bag, needs to be stitched together,
and handles to be knitted.

Hardanger hearts, I just did not like the colours,
now I think I may finish them.

The first start of the ring pillow-I didn't like the colours.
I may finish this by frogging some.

Flowers for Jo, bag and accessories.
I must get on with this, not much stitching left,
and I dated it 2009.

Lavender hearts.
Sweetheart tree biscornu kit.

Rosewood Manor sampler.

I suppose that's not too many that got started and not finished, and by showing them here, they'll remind me too. (Hopefully I won't come across any more).