Saturday, March 29, 2008

Monthly challenge revealed

Today is reveal day, and this was my finish for the monthly stitch challenge. I decided on a pinkeep finish, having joined Becky's monthly finishing blog, and got to do two challenges in one, is that cheating? It's stitched on 32ct Ray of Light Belfast linen, using a hand dyed thread. And I had so much trouble with that bow on the top, I can't tell you how long it took, but it didn't want to play. As you can see I used two colours of ribbon, as the green was too narrow on it's own, and the brown was too see through on it's own. The pins I picked up in a garden centre last year, but I think this is the first time I've used them.

And this is the first page of the Quaker round robin, I've nearly finished page two too. This thread is so pretty. It's GAST Boysenberry, and the fabric is antique ivory linen.

Monday, March 24, 2008

JN Sunday - again

You must be getting fed up of seeing this by now. I'm getting a bit fed up of just posting about this! As you can see I got loads done yesterday, thanks to the bank holiday, and to be honest there wasn't a lot to these bands. I still have to put the bees, butterflies and ants on this part, but then I still have to add them to part 1 too.
I've now made a start on the next round of the Quaker Round Robin, it's in a lovely colour, so hope to post a pic of that in the week.
We got up yesterday to snow, there was 2-3 inches of the stuff. The trees looked really pretty, but it was already starting to fall off them, or I would have gone outside with my camera. It's been a while since we've seen snow like that. It disappeared quickly, and then we had winds, rain, hail and snow all day. Today, there is snow covering the gardens and the cars, which has fallen in the night, but the paths and roads are clear. I have no plans for the day, but I'm sure other people will have plans to use me and my car. So I'll just see what the day brings. And then it's back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sampler Garden Needle Casket

Here's my needle casket top and bottom. I finished stitching the top last month, and I have finally stitched the bottom, which I finished last night. I charted my name, but then was unsure about stitching it, and now I'm leaning towards just
stitching my initials on it, so for the time being I'm leaving the bottom as it is, there's a while to go before we make the casket up, so I have plenty of time to decide.

And here is JN as of last Sunday night, I didn't stitch on it for long. I would have had the next band stitched, but I hadn't pulled one of the colours needed, so I put it away. I am already thinking about which JN to start after this one. I am also going to go through my JN charts, and sort some out for selling, so if you're a JN fan, watch this space.

I have finished stitching my SBEBB exchange, and need to make that up. I also need to make up my monthly challenge piece, and I've joined Becky's monthly finishing challenge too, so need to make that up too. I have a suitcase full of stitched pieces, so I'm hoping to make up some of these in the finishing challenge.

It's Easter weekend, so I have 4 days home, and although only 1 day has passed, I'm already feeling like I've been off ages. We had plans to have a garden wall built, but with the forecast for a wintery weekend I had to ring up on Wednesday night, and put on hold the delivery of bricks and building materials, and then cancel the cement mixer. Yesterday we had heavy rain in the afternoon, and high winds. Today, when I got up it was snowing, although it's not laid. I've had another busy week, and want to apologise for not visiting blogs and leaving comments. Today, I'm up to date with my blog reading (I've just caught up this morning), but I've not left any comments, and only scanned a lot of the posts, I did more 'picture looking', but you all have some wonderful things.
I'm hoping to do some finishing off this weekend, but won't promise anything, as my plans often go wrong. A couple of weeks ago, I got out a needleroll that I'd stitched last year, and I overlocked the side seems, pressed it, and then couldn't find the charms that needed to go on, and I've had a really good search, but they've vanished-very strange. I really need to do some organising. I want to sort out a finishing pile, and get all my UFO's in one place and list them, this may encourage me to finish them, as I forget what I have. Here's wishing you all....
Happy Easter

Friday, March 14, 2008

JN Sunday

Another week of no stitching until last night. We've been really busy, and I've just been collapsing in the chair for an hour before bed. The stitching I did last night is for an exchange, so I can't show.
As you can see I did stitch on Barnabee last Sunday, although I didn't do the bees and butterflies. I realised I need to get some Kreinik down from the loft, so I'll try and remember before this Sunday. So on with Part 2, I managed the border and the first band, which is a row of fuchsia's. I now have Michelle joining me with JN Sundays, and Berta left a comment that is was a great idea, so hopefully there' will be three of us soon.
On Monday I posted Tracy's round robin on to Sally, so I'm now waiting for the next one, not sure who's it is, but it'll be coming from Tracy. So I'm ready for the next round.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

JN Sunday

Here's an update pic for last Sunday, I can't believe how much more I did. It seems like Sundays are my only stitching days at the moment. I've been really suffering with tiredness by evenings, so there's no stitching after work. I didn't pick up a needle again until last night. I started the March monthly challenge, which this month is Blue Ribbon Designs freebie called Alphabet Tree, sadly no longer available as a freebie. I can't show you that until reveal day, but once again I'm looking forward to JN Sunday, I still have the bees, butterflies and ladybug to stitch on this, and then it will be on to Part 2. I will leave all the beads and charms until the end.

Next weeks stitching plans include, finishing Part 2 of the Garden Sampler Casket, I still have to stitch the bottom. I think Part 3 will be out on the 15th. I then want to plan/decide the two SBEBB exchanges I've joined. Also it's mailing day next week for the RR, so I should be receiving the next one soon. And I've still not received my SBEBB Valentines Exchange. I know it's coming from Canada, and I know it was posted on 2nd Feb. I think I also have a good idea of who it's coming from, as there's someone from Canada who keeps visiting my blog! But I'm not going to say who it is yet! So come on postie, hurry up.

And today is International Womens Day, so here's wishing all you ladies out there a great day. And if you visit, I'd love you to leave a comment. I really appreciate everyone who visits, and everyone who leaves a comment. So here's to all of you -


Sunday, March 02, 2008

JN Sunday

Here's my progress on Barnabee last Sunday. This week has been so busy, and so tiring that I've not had time to blog. On Monday my mil was rushed in to hospital, so Monday night was spent there. Mil is fine now, well as well as she can be. (She has dementia, and is totally dependent and unable to converse). Tuesday, I was too tired to stitch and went to bed early, only to be woken up at 1am by an earthquake. I couldn't get back to sleep, so ended up staying up until nearly 3am, and then back to bed. This was the first time I've ever experienced a quake in the UK. Many years ago I did experience a tremor whilst holidaying on the Greek Island of Rhodes, but it wasn't as bad as this one. And the rest of the week was busy too, with my car needing it's annual service and MOT. Thankfully it passed. I was a little disappointed though, as I had my eye on a new car on the forecourt of the garage I go to. Oh well!

Back to Barnabee, I was really pleased with last weeks progress and can't wait to pick it up again tonight.

Now, look at this lovely fob I received from Mylene. Mylene had pictured some fobs she stitched, on her blog, and decided to give them away, you just had to leave a comment. In the end Mylene decided she couldn't leave anyone out, and is stitching more for those that didn't win the drawing. I was lucky enough to win the first drawing, and this is what she sent me, it's gorgeous.

You might notice shadows on the picture, it's actually sunny here!