Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a wrap

Sealed with a Kiss
Blue Ribbon Designs

Just finished and I can't wait to get this framed. It's many years since I last had anything framed, but I just have to frame this. I was so pleased with the border, it just sets the design off.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sealed with a Kiss

Progress pic as of last night. I now plan on stitching on this until it's finished, so looks like JN Sunday will be taking a back seat again. There are 7 squares to complete and the border to stitch. Now you're going to count the empty ones aren't you? Well I have stitched another couple of squares since this photo was taken - so I can count really!. I am way behind on emails and blogs - again. We have had this week off work and have been out and about, and then dh goes on the pc when I want to be on it. Hopefully back to normal next week, back at work, and then will have to play catch up. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend, and if you're in the UK - the much warmer weather. Not that I'd call it warm, but you know what I mean.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Valentine exchange arrives

Planted Hearts
by Lavender Wings

I heard from Karen that the HOE Valentine exchange package has arrived. I was getting worried, as it seemed to take forever. I stitched a scissor fob from the Lavender Wings chart - Planted Hearts, and added Karen's name to the back. I also included this box, which I couldn't resist when I found it in a local shop. I originally intended adding some stitching to the top, but then decided it was too pretty, the box itself is in a very pale silver grey, and then topped with cream lace, and gorgeous tassel.

I also included some heart shaped post it notes, a heart shaped emery keyring, and pink threads. (I meant to put some fabric in, but realised a few days later I'd forgotten it - sorry Karen)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine from Su

Just look at this gorgeous Valentine pillow from Su. This was a private exchange with just the two of us. This mini pillow is truly stunning, and I'm sure that Su will have some better photo's on her blog, I'm not the best photographer in the world. I just loved everything about this when I opened it, the colours are just me, and it's so pretty. Don't you agree?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Spots Of Valentines
by Pine Mountain Designs

This was a kit I had, and a quick stitch. I made this for DD, for her room. The top picture represents the colours of this cute cushion. Now does anyone know what the spot on the bottom left is? A candle? I have no idea.

Patti-sorry it's on Aida. LOL

Today I went to the embroidery society meet up, and the speaker was Sandra Wallace, who had some wonderful beaded items on display.

Edited - to add. I am reliably informed that the bottom left spot is a Chocolate Kiss (Hershey's) - something we don't have in the UK. Thanks for letting me know.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Exchange for Su

The Vintage Look
Design by Brenda Keyes

This the Valentine Exchange I made for Su. I just had to stitch this for Su, but then got a bit scared that the heart shape would go wrong, so changed my mind and started Plan B. Now Plan B was something that I'd seen in Su's photo album, and she had made it for her sister, however I then stitched something in the wrong place, and it could not be frogged. This meant I could not completed the stitching as on the pattern. I then made something up to fill another space, and couldn't think of anything else for the last space - notice I'm being a bit cagey here. I'll reveal when I eventually decide what to do. Anyways, after that disaster, I went back to Plan A. I really liked the colours in this design, and was pleased how the heart pillow turned out. I then stitched and gathered the ribbon around the edge-another first for me, but I'll be doing more of this finishing method. Su says she likes it, so that was a relief. I sometimes wonder why I join exchanges, as I give myself so much stress and grief over choosing the design, and the making up.

Today we have snow. It snowed non stop for over 6 hours, at first it didn't lay, but after a couple of hours it started to, and we probably have a couple of inches on the ground. I just popped my head out of the door, and it's thawing now, I can hear it dripping from the trees. I hope it doesn't freeze overnight, or the roads will be treacherous tomorrow.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Thank you

Just a quick blog entry - just to say I am still in the land of the living - just in case anyone is missing me.

I've been pretty busy with life - and therefore not much stitching has been happening here. And the first thing to go when I get busy is UFO stitching, and JN Sunday's, so I have no updates to show you either.

My first finish for 2009 was posted some time ago, and I expect it will have arrived at it's destination by now. If I don't hear anything by the weekend then I'll post a picture anyway, as I'm sure the recipient doesn't read my blog.

And the Thank you goes to all of you who have entered my competition. I can't believe how many things you expect me to finish this year. All I can say is I'll do my best, and you are giving me encouragement. And I know I need to get out many things that need making up into something - is it a FUFO? If so, then I've go a lot of FUFO's. LOL

I was going to post a photo on Friday, but my camera decided to freeze! and I couldn't get it to work, I was going to show you a picture of my car. On Friday I said good-bye to my car - with some sadness, as I've had her a long time, so I thought it would be fitting to say goodbye publicly, and as I drove her out of my garage, I got the camera out, but it was not meant to be. I hope somebody nice becomes her new owner. I did exchange her for another car, but I'm not attached to this one yet!