Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The first corner done

I did the first corner, but still need to bead it, but I'll do the other three corners, and then bead them all at the same time.

I'm also working on another mystery-this one's a freebie though, available from Kissycross blog. This is how far I am, I worked on Part 5 tonight, but will have to frog it, as I'm one square out. I'm doing it on 18 count aida in a nice mint colour. I don't really use aida much, but as I have acquired a lot recently, I thought I'd use it for this. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this piece when it's finished though. Maybe a bag, or a cushion.

I'll be adding some more of my WIP's soon.

A little bit more

I've stitch some more on Mystery IX, but have realised as there is only today and tomorrow before Part 9 is released, it's very unlikely that I will get two corners done. Oh well, if only I could sit and stitch all day........... Now I could, as I'm off work, but I have lots of jobs to do, and I really must do them. I expect that the next parts of the Mystery are likely to be quite big. There's 4 months left, and the finished stitching is to be 17.5 inches square, so a lot more to add yet, and there's going to be a lot more beading to do. I love beads, and this was one of the reasons I decided to stitch this piece. There will be3496 beads and crystals on the finished stitching. I'll have to work out how many I've put on so far.

This part is ready for the leaves and flowers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mystery IX


Well, here I am again. I've been busy stitching, and I'm currently working on Mystery IX, I've got behind with it, having not touched it since May, when I was in front, having guessed at what was coming next and got a head start on it, I then didn't pick it up until last week. I finished Part 6, and then did Part 7 in less that 24 hours (not continuous stitching you understand), and yesterday I finally started Part 8. I know that I won't get Part 8 finished before the next Part is due out on Friday, but hope to have a good start on it. I'm thinking that I should be able to manage to get two corners done.
Here's a pic - no I've never done this before, so lets see if it works.