Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 Competition

Well, I am sad to say that I cannot announce the winner yet!

Last year did not go too well blogging wise, so now I have lots of updating to do. I did not stitch as much as I have done in the previous - I don't think. But there were quite a few finishes, and now I need to round them all up and photograph them, so that I can announce a winner. The rounding up may take a little while, as the stitching is dotted around. I also need to add that I have lost a couple of finishes too, but they will turn up some time. This year needs to be sort, de-clutter and stash bust. And I will update the 2010 finish list in my sidebar, but as I cannot reveal two or three, I will have to put them down as gifts, and you'll just have to trust me on that one, until I find them, and the recipient has them.

Things did not go well in the finishing front, something I would like to address this year. I am sorry for Christine and Kathy, who are both Still waiting for their stitched gifts from me, Christine was the 2009 competition winner, and Kathy was my birthday giveaway winner, they have not been forgotten about but I need to stop procrastinating and get my act into gear. I actually finished stitching Christine's gift over a year ago, and I'm ashamed to say it has sat there all this time waiting for me to finish it up.

I gave up the exchanges, but did join in the HOE Halloween exchange when I thought I was going to catch up. So this year I have to catch up and therefore I will not be doing a 2011 competition. I would like to offer some giveaways, but I'm not making any promises there, as I know life sometimes gets in the way. Last year I thought I would have a giveaway when my followers reached 100, it's now over the 100 mark, so thank you for not giving up on me. I also had the idea of a giveaway at 50000 visits, and last time I looked it was now over 60000 so another Big thank you to everyone. And now having looked several times today - my blog counter at the bottom of my page has disappeared!!! So come on, own up, who stole it?


Sally said...

I've not got it honest!!! Lol!

Good to see you blogging and I hope you'll be back more often.

Christine said...

Don't worry about it Chris, I'm pretty slow about finishing things myself sometimes

jane said...

I know exactly what you mean Chris - I've no idea where the time goes either. Sounds like you have a plan though and I look forward to seeing those finishes.

Barb said...

I havent got it Chris but would like
Look forward to seeing those finishes when you get round to it .