Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween



From the Moon Riders chart by Just Nan

Scream Girls by Just Nan

I have a box full of these little frames, they are dark wood, with a gold line around, dd painted them for me, to suit these designs. The top ones are glittery, although it doesn't show in these pics.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Another exchange arrives

Design: Breast Cancer Awareness
Designer: Cosmic Handmade
36ct white linen with DMC threads

Here's my exchange piece for Jill for the beCAUSE it's Pink exchange. As you can see the design I chose to stitch is the same as the one I received- what a coincidence. (not sure why the picture isn't sharp on here, it looked fine before I uploaded it) I tried to peek in Jill's pink basket that she has on her blog to see if she already had this design. (Jill assures me she didn't have this one) And here's the extras I sent.

I'm thinking of buying some of these silicone cup cake moulds for myself, as I've seen those cute stitched buns that people have been making. Although I expect they'd end up being used for baking.

I always have trouble in deciding what extras to add. The only stitching related items in this package are beads and some ribbon, but I would have been happy to receive this package. Because the stitching items here in the UK are generally twice the price they are in the US, and the US has so much more choice, I feel it's a bit like sending coals to Newcastle - although I know that a stitcher can never have too much stash. What do you all think?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finishes to share

My Halloween exchange arrived with Michelle, I am sorry I don't have a link for her blog. The design is by Just Nan, and I decide to top a tin with it, so I had to leave out the square border. I liked how it turned out.

The extras I included seemed to have an orange theme!

Back in July I offered a giveaway, and it was won by Barb - apologies to Barb, it took me an awful long time to get it in the mail to her. But Barb now has my gift, and this is it. The design is by Rosewood Manor and is included in the Inspiration chart booklet. The back of the fob has Barb's name on it.

I also got Barb a magazine, as I know she has a passion for the UK mags, and some fabric from her wishlist. I'm glad you liked it all Barb.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Exchange received

This is the great exchange package I received from Nic. Thank you Nic, I love everything, I have to say that my dd stole the socks - and I've not seen them since!
The pillow is a Lizzie Kate design, and I have added it to my small display of Autumn and Halloween finishes.
I just heard that my Halloween exchange has arrived, so I just need to find the pics, and then I can share.
Also, yesterday I received a wonderful package as a blogoversary that I won, wait while you see all of that. Thank you Maddy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink Exchange from WendyJo

I received a lovely pinkeep from WendyJo, I just love this finish, and this is a really nice design, which is a freebie from Cosmic Handmade.

There was some wonderful extras too. I'm sorry the picture is not too clear, but there's some really cute Breast Cancer ribbon buttons, just to the left of the pinkeep.

Thank you very much WendyJo.

Friday, October 23, 2009

By the Sea from Erin

Just look what Erin made me, I love this small cushion, and the little shell she stitched on it is just so suited to the design.

There was also some great scissors, in gorgeous metallic blue, with a hand made scissor fob, which I just adore. I really love dolphins, and look at the cute dolphin bead, and it has a shell just like the pillow. There's a cute little notepad by Mary Engelbreit which fastens with a magnet, and some WDW too.

Wasn't it a great exchange package?

By the Sea exchange

I received a wonderful By the Sea exchange from Erin, and although I sent her an email at the time, from reading her blog it doesn't look like she received it. I have resent it, but who knows if it arrived. I really wanted to show you the wonderful pictures, but at this moment in time Blogger doesn't seem to want any pictures uploading. I've checked the status, and it does say blogger has been down, so maybe it's still not 100%. the bar to click upload is currently greyed out.

I have had an unplanned blogging break, and it has also been a break from the Internet. I have over 1000 emails, and about 800 blogging posts to read. So I don't think I'll catch up, I'm sorry to say a lot will be deleted.

I also have received my Halloween Exchange and BeCAUSE it's Pink exchange, so have lots to share. But that's just typical of late - there's always some reason it doesn't get done. So I'll try and get back later to see if I can upload photo's.