Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone
New Year

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is over

It's sad, but that's it for another year.

So, please tell me.................

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

What was your favourite gift that you received?

Did you get anything stitching related?

And what did you most want and didn't receive?

Thanks to all of those that wished me a Merry Christmas.

And hope to be back later.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More christmas

Felt decorations
made by my daughter

I just thought I'd show you these that my daughter made a couple of months back. Whilst st University she got job at Hobbycraft on a weekend, and they like to know that you can craft. So she was asked to make something, and took home a mini sewing machine and some felt and a Hobbycraft leaflet, and she produced these. I'm not sure how she managed to find time to make them , as Uni was really hectic, and then she came down with a terrible cold which lasted 3 weeks, and also meant she missed work the weekend she should have taken these back. We have no idea what happened to these decorations and no one ever commented about her makes after she took back the left over felt and the sewing machine - which seems a shame. On a visit to the store they did have a Christmas display with various made items but not these, so who has them and where did they go?

Anyway, if any of you should visit Hobbycraft in Leeds and you see these on display I'd love to know. The job ended on Sunday as it was only a temporary job.

And if you want to make some the instructions are here.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My first Christmas decoration

A gift from Sally

I received this wonderful ornament from Sally. Sally and I do an ornament swap each Christmas, and knowing how Sally likes Robins, I nearly stitched her this one - but I didn't!. Thank You Sally, I love it.

Intertwined Mittens

My daughter wanted mittens. The brief was mittens that were chunky, and with twisty bits on the front. I found this pattern on Ravelry, and set about knitting them. They were quick to knit, but I would change them slightly if I were to knit them again. I would move the thumbs around a bit. When you wear them the pattern is not all at the front because of where the thumb is. You might be seeing another pair of these soon, if I get some more wool. These were just knitted in some wool I already had from a sock kit, and they are 75% wool, so hand wash only. I just hope she likes them. I will be giving them to her today, when I go and collect her from University, she has now finished for Christmas and is coming home. I am not looking forward to the washing!

Poinsettia House

I am loving this one, but sadly I have now run out of the thread used to stitch the house, although there are only some leaves to still stitch with it. So if you're planning to stitch this one, please note that you will need 2 skeins of Clay Pot, if you stitch on 28ct.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The December SAL

Poinsettia House
by LHN

It has become a tradition for Sally and I to do a Christmas SAL in December, and we chose Poinsettia House for this year. This is our third year and we have already decided on next years! So this is my progress pic. We also have Lesleyanne, Lisa, Hazel and Claire joining in with us this year, although only Lesleyanne is doing the same design.

I'm sure you all know by now that the UK has been hit with snow, so I will leave you with a few photo's taken yesterday morning.

The view from my stitching chair, as I look up.

The garden table and chairs

And the third picture seems to have disappeared!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Halloween Exchange from me

By The Full Moon
by Ink Circles

I finally located the photographs of what I sent to Margaret. I just love this design, and may one day get around to stitching it for me. Of course, I made a pinkeep, and the backing fabric is the one in the background.

Now to find the rest of the Halloween stitching that I did.

Hoping everyone in the UK is managing to stay warm, and if you have to go out, be careful. The road I live on is just like it's been coated in glass. I chose to leave the car at home today and hop on bus, which was very, very late.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween Exchange 2010

Sweeping Cobwebs
by Prairie Schooler

Halloween Exchange from Marie

Here is the wonderful exchange that I received from Marie. As soon as I received a package with Marie's name on it I knew I was in for a treat. Marie's stitching and finishing is wonderful. Marie made me this wonderful pinkeep, which I love. I hate spiders, but thankfully the toy one on here didn't freak me out. Apologies to Marie for taking so long to post to my blog. I took a last minute holiday, and then totally forgot about posting.

At the moment I cannot find the photographs of the exchange package that I sent, but I'm going to have another good look around, and check out my old camera. I bought a new compact digital camera at the end of August as it was better for carrying around. I took 5 photographs with it and then my daughter borrowed it and took it to University has her camera was broken. Last weekend she had it stolen from her bag. I have learned my lesson - do not loan your new camera out!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Spring Biscornu

Spring Biscornu
Victoria Sampler



More stitching photo's for you. I found these tucked away in a folder labelled Arpil, so I guess that's how old they are. The photo's below give a better idea of the colours. This was stitched with DMC and on Polstitches fabric - I can't remember what count. The pattern is now available from Victoria Sampler as a freebie. When I stitched this it was available to the Yahoo group members only, and I entered it into Thea's competition. The finished biscornu was also on display in a local art gallery fro a while as part of the Yorkshire Embroidery Society exhibition.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Merry and Bright

Merry and Bright
Country Cottage Needleworks

Another quick stitch. I stitched this up last night, using DMC and 32ct natural linen. I have to say although I love the design, the colours are not me. I prefer something more traditional, so why didn't I change them - well I have no idea! I was just in a hurry to grab fabric and thread and get stitching! I will probably stitch this again in colours to suit me. This pattern is in the JCS ornament issue this year, just in case anyone was wondering.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be Merry - Belle Pepper

Be Merry - Belle Pepper
by Little House Needleworks

This was a really quick stitch, I couldn't put it down. I love all things Christmassy. I used the alternative Christmas instead of Belle Pepper, and I changed the cardinal into a Robin.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back on my previous post, and then I never made it back. Sorry. Life seems to keep getting in the way. I've decided I will at least try to post some photo's, and if I don't feel like talking at least you will have something to look at.

I do appreciate you all taking the time to visit me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Anyone still out there?

Where does the time go? It will be next year before I know it!

Well my daughter went off to the University of Leeds, and I just saw her on Friday for the first time in 5 weeks. She was able to come home for a few hours and to sleep in her own bed, before I took her back. If anyone knows any craft shops in Leeds - I'd love to hear from you, and maybe on my next trip I'll be able to craft shop.

I hope to get back into blogging, and catch up on the 1000 posts I have yet to read- well that will be looking at the photo's. Thanks Sally for introducing me to Face book, and an addictive game!

I've just taken part in my first exchange this year - HOE - Halloween Exchange, and I was late posting. Sorry to my partner, but hopefully it should pop through her door shortly as it left here last Monday, 18th October - two weeks past the deadline. it would seem that I am no better.

I still need to get a couple of gifts in the post - it's the finishing off that somehow seems to get postponed. Forever the procrastinator!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mary Wigham Wardrobe

It's been so long since I was here, I'd forgotten my blog address and how to get in, and then it all looks a bit different. I'm posting these pics they are not too clear but you can see what I've been up to. I will get better photo's and post again, this is just a practice. ;)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Hope you are all well, I miss you all, but hope to be back soon.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Friday 4th June

On Friday we celebrated, wow - now where did those last 18 years go? The photo shows my daughter just before she turned 8years, and was taken in DisneyWorld, Florida. We had this printed onto the cake.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gift of Stitching

I only have red thread
By Gift of Stitching

Gift of Stitching Challenge #6. Just had to be made into a thread holder. This is the first time I have attempted this finish, but I am really pleased with the result.........maybe there'll be more of these to come.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The next JN is finished

Hummingbead Heaven
by Just Nan

I really enjoyed stitching this one, and it never made it into any progress pics! I did start it the Sunday after I finished 4 Wishes, but then stitched on it a couple of nights too. Then Sunday and Monday, and just added the beads last night. I now have to decide on the next JN, looking forward to Sunday.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


During my recent blogging break, I was awarded these wonderful awards.

So a big thank you to Belinda for the Sunshine award, it's nice to see the sunshine.

To accept this award I have to pass the award on to another 12 bloggers, and this is where I have a problem, I just read far too many blogs, and I'm so far behind with my reading, and whilst trying to do a bit of blog hopping I see that this has done the rounds and lots of people already have it. So I'm going to pass, I hope you all don't mind.

And another - thank you to Sally, and Patti for this one.

Now this one I need to pass on to 7 or 10 bloggers - as it says on their blogs, but once again I'm going to pass - for the same reason as in the Sunshine award.
For this award I also need to post 7 or 10 things about myself. (Sally says 10, Patti says 7). Maybe I'll go for an inbetween number. These should be things you might not know about me.

1. When I was at school one of my nicknames was 'gingernut' - I was a redhead, will find an old photo one day to scan and post here.

2. I need to lose weight.

3. I left school at 16 years (my mum and dad could not afford to keep me).

5. I went to night classes for 10 years after that.

4. It took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test, and the pass was obtained following a drink in the pub! - Eh - it was a long time ago, nowadays I won't even have a sip if I am driving.

5. I've only ever lived in 5 houses.

6. I'm always late, but was actually early for my wedding and we had to drive around to kill time.

7. I have too much stash (but maybe you knew that?)

8. My first real hobby was crochet, when I was about 12, and I used to make those granny square waistcoats to order, and made poncho's (early 70's). Although I did lots of other crafts before that. When you're 12 you just want some money, people bought the wool, and I crocheted. I think I used to get about 50p a garment - I was never going to get rich! LOL

Monday, April 05, 2010

4 Wishes

Happy Easter everyone, hope everyone has found some stitching time. I love having the lighter nights for stitching after work, although I've not managed to stitch before it's got dark yet!

For those who have been awaiting 4 Wishes, I apologise that it took me so long to get a picture posted, but here it is. It's very difficult to get a picture of such a long piece.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New starts

I finished up 4 Wishes the other night, but need to press it and get a good pic. these are my new starts for this week, and there may be more to come!

Well I actually started this post over 2 weeks ago, but needed to add photo's. Since this post I have had more starts, and even a couple of finishes, so I hope to be back again very soon. I can't believe I have been away so long - I have had things going on which I needed to sort out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last week I worked on the fairy by HAED, and made quite a lot of progress before I got bored - actually I only got bored when I had to stitch lots in one colour! I really love working on things with lots of colour changes. I still need to fill in the gaps that show in the top portion - these represent the threads I cannot find! They must be out with another project somewhere!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Sunday - part 2

Well finally I am posting for last Sunday! - Will catch up eventually.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone, hope you all had a great day.

Here is the progress on 4 Wishes from Sunday 7th March!

I have worked on this on Friday night, Sat night and Sunday since that pic, and here's one of the mistakes I found, so there was a little frogging here, but the night before there was a lot of frogging on the border on the right hand side.
Sun 14th March - I finished the stitching - picture to follow, I hoped to add the beads last night, but didn't - maybe tonight or am I too tired?

I have my next JN planned - it's another band sampler - any ideas? (Clue-it's not a recent release)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Sunday

...and you know what that means -it's time for Just Nan. Actually I was going to post an update but the dd has stolen the camera cable again, so hopefully I can get my hands on it when she comes home from work.

I have been working on the HAED this week, and picked up 4 Wishes on Friday night, and did a little but had to put it down to watch the programme on Weaving, I really enjoyed it. I do have a loom upstairs (thank you Carol). Has anyone else been watching Mastercrafts on BBC2?

I picked up 4Wishes again last night, and did some frogging and then some stitching, and today I have spotted another mistake in the border - that's what happens when you're tired. I am on track to finish it tonight, but we'll see I think I might save the beads for daylight tomorrow night. It's so nice that it's getting dark later in the evening, although the longer days have had me up earlier in the morning this weekend because we have had sun!

I have already planned my next JN start for next Sunday - if I can wait that long. And I am thinking the HAED will be going away again. I am also thinking of picking up Inspiration next week, but we'll see.

Hope to be back later.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Just Nan Sunday

4 Wishes
by Just Nan

This is my progress picture from last weekend. Actually I didn't stitch very much on the Sunday night, so I added a little more on the Monday night too, but it still wasn't as much as I would normally stitch, and I didn't even finish the line of words! I usually can't put it down with at least finishing the line.

Are you bored of seeing this yet, I have stitched on this again tonight, so I'll be sharing another progress picture soon, but as I am now on to the final season (Autumn), I am wondering whether to just carry on with it in the week. I'm eager to get to the end to add the beads and charms. I think those little bees between the ladybirds look lost without their bodies, which are made up of beads.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

My liftetime project....

or is it a UFO?

This is how it was left last time I stitched on it

I cannot remember when I started this, but this is a HAED pattern my daughter chose. When I purchased the pattern I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. LOL.

There are 36 pages of chart! And I have to blow these up to make them clear enough for me to not get muddled. Each page of chart I am printing on to 4 A4 pages, and my progress you can see below - this is only 2 of my pages! A long way to go yet!

I suppose I could have called it a UFO, but it is something I said I would stitch on and then put down when I'd had enough of it. Having picked it up a couple of weeks ago, I am pleased with my progress as this was what I have achieved in only 2 or 3 nights. And I enjoyed stitching on it. To see a picture of what it will be like when it's finished - click here. And in case you don't want to click, I'll tell you it's a fairy.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Another finish

Socks in Exotic Zany by Kaffe Fassett
from Regia Yarns

Well I was so pleased to get these done. I pulled out and unpicked and finished, and started again to finally have a pair of socks that fit and are the same size, and I matched the colour of the wool at the start too, so that the self striping matched on each sock. I am now looking for a sock pattern that does not use a heel flap, and uses less than 5 needles, so if anyone know of an online pattern, I'd love to have the link. - thanks.

Now where have I been, well to be honest I've not done a lot of stitching this week, although I did have a new start this week, and that involves hardanger, and I'm doing wrapped bars, which always takes time. I'll show a picture soon. I knitted on the socks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday last weekend to get them done, although it took until Thursday night for me to get around to sewing the ends in. I procrastinate too much. As I wanted to get the socks done, I did not participate in the Friday night SAT, and I did not work on JN on Sunday either. Now before the socks I did work on a UFO, and I took a 'before' picture, and when I take an 'after' picture I will show you. Although, I don't really think of this as a UFO, it's my 'lifelong' project - I don't see it being finished for many years yet!

As you know I was off work the week before last. I want to thank you for all the 'good luck' you sent for dd, who has now been offered a place at the Uni following her interview, although I'm not sure if she will be choosing it as her second choice. On the Friday we went to Leeds, where I drove around for one hour (lost) until we finally found our way to the car park we needed to be at. I was taking dd to the University of Leeds for a department 'open day'. This is to be her fist choice Uni, so she just needs to work hard to get the grades needed to get her place. When we left Leeds, I got lost once again on the roads, now I should have known that I needed to follow the signs for London - even though I wanted to be in the opposite direction. Next time I will try and get it right! Anyway having got stuck in a traffic jam, we travelled 5 miles in 50 minutes we ended up near Ikea. So, we just had to call in, and we had our tea there, and I know my way back home from there, and it was much easier when we left as the 'rush hour' was over.

Thank you all for your visits, and for leaving me comments too, I just love them.

Corrinne - I am one hours drive from York, and about 1 hour 40 mins to Robin Hoods Bay (my dd's favourite place).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another finish

Pearl Angel
by Just Nan

Another JN finish, and a quick stitch. It was difficult to get a really good photo of this one, I ended up having to hold it in my hand, and that is why it looks a bit wavy. I didn't have the fabric called for so I used the same pink linen that I used for Queen's Heart. I need to get my finishing head on to get some of these finishes made up.

Today I'm taking dd for an interview at Teesside Uni, so fingers crossed that they like her, and offer her a place.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The frogs have arrived

4 Wishes
by Just Nan

Not the best photo, but maybe you can just make out the frogs, they are those green pointy things, with curly legs underneath. I think this is getting a bit big now to photograph the whole thing. Next time I'll just take a pic of summer. I got a lot more done than I thought I would.

Something has been puzzling me. Last night I went into the city centre to pick dd up. It was about 11pm, and having just collected her we were driving down the dual carriageway, when suddenly I spotted all these birds. At first I thought they were seagulls, then I realised you just don't see birds flying around at that time of night. As we got nearer, the traffic lights changed to red, and we had to stop, the birds were trying to settle down on the other side of the carriageway, outside the railway station. These birds - quite a number - were white doves! Then I thought - well it's Valentines Day, maybe someone is being romantic and proposing, the traffic lights turn to green, and we drive home. I just need to know what happened, was it a romantic proposal - did she say yes?

A flock of Doves - more than 10, probably nearer 20, is not something you usually see at that time of night in the city centre - is it? Maybe it is, maybe I just need to get out more!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Queens Heart
by Just Nan

This was a quick stitch, I started and finished it last night. any suggestions for making it up? I'm thinking a stuffed heart shaped hanging pillow - what do you think? It's sparkly with beads, pink paillettes and some blending filament in there.

This week has not been good for me, I got a headache on Tuesday, and it did not go until today. Wednesday I was in bed by 7.30, and I should not have gone in to work on Thursday - but I did, but I knew I'd done the wrong thing once I got there, but I'm never off ill, so I stuck it out. Again I was in bed by 9pm. Yesterday I was supposed to drive to Suffolk for a funeral, dh's Uncle died last week, but unfortunately I knew I would not be able to concentrate on driving all that way (4-4.5 hours). Anyway, all was not lost with dh having taken the day off, we switched to Plan B, a meeting at the care home where mil is. There was a man coming at 11am to measure her up for a specialised chair, which we will pay for, so we went there. But - the man cancelled - what do you know, is that not typical, so it was a bit of a wasted day.

By last night I was starting to feel a bit better, my head did not ache as much if I sat still, but get up and try and do something and it came back (good excuse to sit and stitch). By this morning the pain was in my face and sinuses, but thankfully at 11am it just disappeared. So I was able to go here, and listen to a talk by Janice Gunner, and see and touch lots of her quilts.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Spring has sprung

4 wishes by Just Nan

I have now finished all of Spring, and the two rows below are part of Summer.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Travelling Stitcher finished

Travelling Stitcher
by LHN
32ct Platinum Murano
Crescent Colour threads

I found this pink fabric in my stash, and it seems to be appropriate for the finishing of this. I plan to make a zippered bag.