Thursday, July 26, 2007

Round Robin. The final round

Well this was the final round of the round robin. I stitched Gemini, and now this will be sent back to Lynn, I'm assuming that she will be stitching the rest. I'll have to ask her. This design is Astrocats by Margaret Sherry. This is the first time I've ever joined in a Round Robin, I've always been worried about keeping to the deadlines, but I've been much better organised this year. We posted on the 10th of every month, but I was usually ready to stitch on it, as soon as it arrived. As this is the final round we've decided to post once stitched, so all I have to do is get this in the post, and then await mine back from Essie in Holland, but she's on holiday at the moment. Although I'm in no hurry, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with mine. I won't be getting it framed, and it's a bit big for a cushion. I may make it into a stitching bag.
Thanks for all your comments on the Chatelaine, I think I'm going to just stitch half and turn it into a Bell pull. I would love to contact someone for more thread, but have not been able to find any details of anyone to contact. There is no kit manufacturer mentioned on the packaging or insides.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My First Flat Fold

Here's a few pics of my first ever flat fold. I stitched it for Vonna, in the SBEBB Seasonal House exchange. Vonna chose Autumn, so I decided to stitch LHN Season of Plenty. I was really pleased with how it turned out. I added some beads on ribbon on the corner to finish it off, a bow didn't really seem to look right. I'd finished the edge of the pinkeep with ribbon as I was unable to find anything else that was ther right colour. I included some 32ct Belfast, a fat quarter of finishing fabric, and a hand dyed skein, trying to keep to Autumnal colours.

And here you can see the wonderful exchange I received from Amy. Isn't it gorgeous. I chose Winter as my season, and Amy made me this wonderful pinkeep. The design is by Erica Michaeals. Amy also included a skein of hand dyed silk, such a pretty colour, and a skein of Caron Watercolors, this is in a very bluey white, but the camera just doesn't pick the colour up, and a nice notebook. Such a lovely exchange.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A disappointing new start

Well, this was my new start this week, but now it's gone away to be a UFO! Already!

It was a kit I bought earlier this year, (I purchased a few Lorri Birmingham's altogether). Now, as it's a kit, I expect it to have everything needed to complete the design, but maybe I'm wrong there. There was 5 lengths of Creme Silk floss by Needle Necessities (no idea where to buy more), 5 lengths of Hand Painted Silk, and 12 lenghts of pink DMC (plus beads, crystals and kreinik). Now the pink DMC is to make tassels only. I have used 2 lengths of the silk, and need to start a 3rd just for a few stitches in this part of the design. I can see already that there is no way there is enough to finish this as it is supposed to be, so now it's a UFO.

Now my thoughts are - I have no idea what I'd do with it if I finished it, so shall I not bother? Shall I just do one side, and make it into a small band sampler? All ideas greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Quaker Exchange

Look what I received from Vonna, she stitched me this gorgeous pinkeep, all stitched over one. It's stitched using an Anchor mulit coloured thread in shades of pink, orange and yellow- very summery. This was for the SBEBB Summer Quaker exchange. Vonna included Carrie's Creation threads and some Piecemakers needles, she must have known I've wanted to try these for sometime, having heard people rave about them.

And here's the photo's of the exchange package I sent to Carol. I decided on the free pattern from The Workbasket, it's called Summer Quaker Flower. I just stitched the centre of the flower, in a lovely yellow and white Needle Necessities overdyed floss. I stitched our initials on the back, I then made a tassel from some Anchor Perle thread in shades of yellow and green. I finished it off as scissor fob, this was the first time I've used ribbon and beads, I usually make a cord, but the ribbon matched so well. Then when I looked at Carol's blog, I realised that she makes' lots of fobs, so was unsure whether this was right for her or not. I include some 32ct Sunburst Gold Belfast linen, a skein of thread, a notebook, and added a handmade card that looked summery.
Thank you everyone for all your comments on my previous postings, they are much appreciated. I think I'm back on the net with few problems-fingers crossed.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The air has been blue around here. Can you live without the internet? I'm not sure I could!

Last week the computer started playing up, and would not stay connected to the WWW. So I'm now behind with my formus, my blog and reading blogs, and not sure that I'll catch up either. We've been trying to book a holiday, by looking on the internet, so you can imagine how infuriating it has been. We had several failed attempts to fix the problem, but fingers crossed we're finally there, and boy has there been a queue to use it. LOL.

I've got an exchange to show too. So hopefully tomorrow night I'll put that up.