Saturday, February 17, 2007


Well, I've had to change to the New Blogger. I had no choice, I could not sign in without changing. So I'll see if there's any difference.

I finished Village on Wednesday night. This was a recent new release, which I just had to have. DD says it reminds her of our visit to Lapland in December, and I have to agree, maybe that's why I had to have it. The design is by Per Segno Per Filo. I thought the chart was quite expensive at $19.90 when I got it. There were a couple of mistakes in it too, and although there were symbols for the beads, it was the same symbol for all the beads, whatever colour.

I stitched it on 32 ct Raw Linen. And although the design calls for beads, and I put beads on just about everything, I didn't put them on this. The stars should have been in Mill Hill pearls, but I stitched them with metallic silver. The lights on the trees should have had bright yellow Mill Hill beads, and I used a Kreinik for them. For the snow I added Kreinik too. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.

Another small finish, the previous week was a scissor fob. It's something I'd had a while but never finished. It's a Drawn Thread freebie. I was in a birthday exchange with Sarah, she had said that purple was her favourite colour, so I thought this would be good to send with her gifts.

And the photo next too it, is what I sent to her. There was only the two of us in the exchange, and if you look through my previous posts, you can see what I received. I was a bit unsure as to what to get Sarah, although she obviously had no problem in choosing for me. Sarah loves handbags, so I couldn't resist getting her a bag to stitch, and I knew she needed more thread boxes. I also got her some bobbins, a special DMC gift pack, and Polstitches hand dyed fabric. I think it was 'Lovers Lane'.

Well, I'm not sure what I think to the New Blogger, but I've had a bit of trouble with the photo's. I suppose it will be a case of getting used to it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Exchange

Well tomorrow will be Valentines Day, so it's about time I put the pics up. The posting date was 1st Feb, and I've been meaning to get these on for a while.

Here's what I received from Su, isn't it wonderful. Su says it's the first time she's made a flat fold. Just have a look around her blog, she makes some amazing things.

And this is what I made for Julie. They are Hardanger Hearts, from the book Hardanger Embroidery by Jill Carter. I used Caron Watercolours in Cotton Candy shade. I stitched the four hearts, and cut them out, unfortunately I had a disaster when cutting the fourth, and managed to cut the top of some of the blanket stitches. I don't know how I did it, but I fixed it with Fraycheck. I finished them both by cutting four hearts out of pink voile, these where stitched together and stuffed with home grown lavender. I then used these to stuff the hardanger hearts with. I decorated the hearts with beads and a ribbon loop. I thought they could be used as pomanders on coathangers. However, due to the disaster with one, I kept that one, and I only sent one to Julie. (Sorry Julie). Now how many times have you stitched something and not wanted to part with it. I now have the answer - you stitch two and then only send one.