Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Smell my Feet by La-D-Da
Stitched on 28 ct khaki evenweave
DMC threads

I realised I'd not posted pics of the Halloween Exchange I sent to Edgar, so as it's Halloween here they are. DD now wants me to stitch this for her. I think if/when I stitch this again I'll add some glow in the dark Kreinik to the legs.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch exchange

Long time, no blog. Sorry, just not in the mood. Not in the mood for much lately. I think I need SUN.

I took part in the Pumpkin Patch exchange at SBEBB, and I received this wonderful little bag from Cindy, it's so cute, look at the little mini pumpkins she made on the end of the ribbon. (there's a better pic on her blog. Cindy also made me a pin cushion, that will be going in my sewing box. I find when I have my machine out, I never have enough pincushions, as I always end up with pins everywhere. I think I might be using that later. And Cindy added a chocolate cook book, as she saw that I liked to bake, looking forward to making something from that.

For the exchange I stitched JBW Pumpkin, but opted to not stitch the word pumpkin at the bottom, as I liked the look of it without, although once made into a pinkeep, I wondered if I should have stitched the word below, but too late then. Oh well. I backed it with the same fabric as the FQ I sent, which was maybe not the right choice, but I struggled to find what I would have liked to have put on the back.

Design: JBW - Pumpkin
28 ct Raw belfast linen

A picture of the whole exchange package.

Just Nan Sunday has not happened the last two Sundays. I've not done a lot of stitching recently, but I have made an ornament from the new JCS ornament mag, well I've stitched it, picture to follow after I've made it up, unless I decide to give it as a gift, and then you'll have to wait. I have to finish a Make A Wish gift, and get that in the post tomorrow. I really hate being last minute with these, but it does seem that I always am. I'll be late for my own funeral. LOL. Which my mum was, the driver took us the wrong way, only to find it was a dead end, this was because there'd been an accident and the route we would have taken was closed. (not funny at the time, but it is when you look back). Spooky, just realised it's actually 3 years to the day that the funeral took place.

Anyway, it's really cold here today, we woke up to a bad frost. DH and I had planned to go out for the day, as we are both off work this week. We went to Pickering, and then Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, and it was chilly. I wished I'd taken my camera, and brought you some photo's, when we went out this morning, it was lovely and sunny, and very clear across the Yorkshire Wolds. At Scarbrough it was cloudy, and windy, and there were about 50 surfers out, we had a lovely sea view across the bay from the Fish and chip restaurant we went in. I don't think they caught much surf though, and I can't imagine how cold the sea would have been. BBrrrrrr!!!. According to my PC it's 34F outside now, and going down. Time to go and sit by the fire I think. Chat soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Nan Sunday

Here's my new Just Nan start for Sundays. As you can see I chose Queen of the Needle, I didn't stitch for long on Sunday, but any progress is good progress.

And here's a little sneak on what else I've been stitching. I can't tell you what this is, but dd chose the colours, and I'm really liking the way they look on this fabric. I can't tell you what it is, but this motif is based on a JN motif.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another exchange completed

I received a wonderful exchange from Goldie, this was for the SBEBB Halloween exchange. Don't you just love that JN floss tag. As you all know I'm a JN fan, so I was bound to love it. DD did the photography for me in her room. You see the card has some bats hanging from the branches, well two of them come off to make a pair of earrings-too cute. DD is after them. LOL

I just heard that the exchange I sent has reached my partner, but at this minute I can't find my pics so I'll be back to post as soon as I do. I can't sit for too long at the computer as my back hurts when I sit on the computer chair. I did have a new JN start on Sunday, but only stitched a little, so I'll be posting pics of that soon.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Nan Sunday finish

Last Sunday seems so long ago, but I had a finish that I wanted to share. Last Sunday I finished 'With My Needle' by Just Nan. I really loved the colours in this one. It took a lot longer to finish than I thought on Sunday, and I did stitch on it a little bit on Saturday night, as I really wanted to get it finished. I have stitched on this primarily on Sundays, and now I'm wondering what to choose for it's replacement.

This week has been really busy for me, and once again I am behind on blog reading, and emailing. I hadn't even stitched from last Sunday night, until last night when I went back to my UFO stitching. I really need to get myself organised. I have some exchanges to decide on and kit up, and then I can get started on them. I always find that the choosing takes the most time.

This week I have been feeling exhausting, and suffering with lower back pain, and then I've had toothache, so I suppose that doesn't help. I managed to get a dentist appointment on Thursday after work, and although he couldn't see anything wrong he gave me the option of having the filling replaced, and I took it. They had a cancellation yesterday afternoon, so I was able to go and get the filling redone then. Now I am in more pain, than I was! I'm just hoping it will go away.

I have an exchange which should have been mailed yesterday-sorry. I have been unable to get the finishing supplies, as the local shops have been waiting for what I want to come in, I stitched the piece weeks ago. Now it has to go in the post today - a day late. I think I need to change my strategy, maybe decide on what I'm making, and get all the finishing supplies before I stitch. That way I can change if I need to before hand.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Think Pink from me

I heard from Joan that my Think Pink exchange arrived with her yesterday. So now I can show you the pictures. The chart is a free design, the link can be found on the Stitch Pink blog, it's by Dragonfly Stitches. I included a phone charm from my local breast cancer charity - Her Breast Friends - which had a small butterfly on it.

This week I have been working on some UFO's. Thanks to Becky and the Let's Stitch blog. So I'll be posting pictures soon, and I've realised that I didn't post last Sunday's progress on JN, so that will also be here soon, and watch out for a finish. This next week will be secret stitching.