Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The December SAL

Poinsettia House by LHN

Stitched on 28 ct beige cashel linen
using recommended threads

Sally and I do a SAL every December, another one of our annual things. Sally is a great friend, she always makes sure I have to keep stitching by planning and plotting way in advance. :) Thank you Sally for keeping me going. And Sally doesn't seem to mind when I fail to keep up, or rather she doesn't tell me off, not sure what she says behind my back though. LOL

Anyways, December 2010 was time for LHN Poinsettia House, and I loved this one, so couldn't put it down. I ran out of one of the Crescent Color threads, but decided against buying another skein. The flowers should have had one petal each stitched in another colour, but I ended up doing them all in the same thread. I finished it a week or so before Christmas I think.

I thought I'd make it into a cushion, but who knows what it will end up as, but it's made it to the forever growing making up pile. How would you like to see it finished?

Snow Man
by Tralala

And here is what we will be stitching this December, as you can see we plan well in advance, I think we decided on this one before we even put a stitch in the last one!


Barb said...

Oh so pretty Chris,like IDEA of a December Sal and especially the design you have chosen.
Look forward to seeing all your finishes.

Patty C. said...

I've done Poinsettia House - It is a beautiful pattern - yours looks wonderful

The Snowman pattern from tralala is just too cute - !!!

Lesleyanne said...

Your ponsietta house is gorgeous. I love the chart you have planned for this year.

Lesleyanne said...

Your ponsietta house is gorgeous. I love the chart you have planned for this year.

Sally said...

Your PH looks gorgeous Chris. I cna't wait to see how you finish it. Now I can't complain at you as I got behind and finished mine after Christmas lol!!! Plus on our last December SAL I was way, way behind!!!!

I'm really looking forward to our next one. I think we've made a really good choice :)

Lisa said...

Lovely finish Chris, well done. Mine still isn't finished, but I'm hoping it will be by the end of the month.

jane said...

Oh I love this design and you have stitchied it beautifully, I'm sure it will be gorgeous however you choose to finish it.

Anonymous said...

A lovely finish.

mainely stitching said...

Congratulations on a lovely finish!

Christine said...

Your poinsettia house is beautiful, I think it would make a gorgeous cushion. Love the design you've picked out for next Christmas too

Julie said...

Poinsetta House is lovely, a truly wonderful finish