Monday, June 30, 2008

Make A Wish

The other week I joined the Make A Wish group, and I wished for a scissor case, and look what I've received today. Isn't it wonderful. Don't you just love the colours and that cute little angel hair tassel. I adore it. I was granted my wish by the wonderfully talented Su. A big thank you Su.

I granted my first wish to Vonna, but the photo's seem to have disappeared into the depths of my hard drive. When I find them I'll post pics, if I don't find them, I'll post a link to the post on Vonna's blog.

And here's my new start, this is what I stitched on last night. I didn't need/want a new start, but couldn't help myself!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Tin topper

I finally finished my tin, just in time for the end of the Monthly Challenge. I'm really pleased with the results, and I'm sure this will be the first of many tin toppers (I have been collecting tins for a while-LOL). This design is by Victoria Sampler, and is from the Christmas Poinsettia Sampler pattern, I changed the colours to suit the fabric I was using, and it stitched on 28ct white, using DMC threads.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Round Robin - Final round

It would seem that there is something strange happened to my blog, I can no longer manipulate my photo's to where I want them to be. So please forgive the layout. This is the final round of the Quaker Friends round robin. And this one belongs to Sally, these are the two pages I have stitched for her. Although the next posting day is not until mid-July, I wanted to get them stitched up, and as Sally and I decided we would meet up, that day had to be today, because of other things that happen on Fridays. So today I went to visit Sally, and after all that I forgot to take the RR with me, so now I have to post it anyway! I am hopeless, but Sally forgave me because she is so nice.
We chatted away, and occasionally I let Sally get a word in, and this time I was there so long I got to meet all the family, including the new budgie. And I saw all of Sally's new stash, and all of the galleries that display Sally's work, I think she should start charging.

This is the wonderful Needle Nanny that Sally has made me, it's absolutely stunning, don't you just love the colours? And it looks much better in the flesh.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ABC exchange arrived

Carol let me know that she received the ABC exchange I made for her. It just so happens that I stitched the same design for Carol, as the one I received from Mylene. Although I did cross stitch all the alphabet, as I wasn't sure I'd have enough thread to do the backstitch letters. I used one full skein, apart from one 4" bit I had left, of Dragon Floss. I made the design into a stitchers pocket. I will tell you that I was not happy with the finish, and did abandon it, to start again, but dd talked me into sending it. I just wished that I had not go the sewing machine out, as that is where it went wrong. I usually hand sew all my finishes, as I feel more in control. Anyway, Carol was very sweet about it, and didn't show inside pictures, but I've put one on here anyway. I now wish that I had used beads to hang the mother of pearl thread holders, as they would have hung better.

You'll have to excuse the layout of the photo's, as blogger does not want to play tonight.

If you want to stitch this design, you can find the pattern here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

HoE Freebie Exchange

I did not post pictures of the HoE Freebie exchange which I made for Carol, so here they are. This exchange took a while to arrive consider it did not have a really long way to travel. I don't think I can have taken a picture of the back of it. I chose the Quaker hedgehog as Carol really likes Quaker designs.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

ABC exchange received

I received a wonderful exchange from Mylene, it's a beautiful pinkeep. I just love it, and Mylene sent me wonderful gifts too. I received the bead kit, threads and fabric. I already have an idea for the beads (I don't know if Mylene knew I was a bead junkie).

My ABC exchange is on it's way, and should arrive any day now. I had a really stressful time with it, and abandoned it at one point, until dd persuaded me to carry on with it. It was such a relief when it finally went in the post.

I now have a LHN exchange to finish making up, and it will be in the post shortly. And I have signed up for another Make A Wish, which I hope to stitch this week, and there's a couple of gifts I'd like to make. I don't think I've signed up for any more exchanges at the moment, but I have lots of things I want to finish off.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Exchanges, Round Robin and a birthday.

Here's a picture of my baby, not a very good picture, I couldn't get a clear one taken from the photo, there was too much reflection. Anyway, my baby was 16 last week. DD celebrated with a joint party at the weekend with her friend. On her birthday, I said we could go out for tea, but dd wanted to stay in and revise for an exam the next day. I then asked her what she would like for tea, and she asked for salad for her birthday tea - don't you just love her. Exams are now over - thankfully, well for dd at least, she had her last one yesterday, and has now finished school for good. No more school uniform to wash and iron at the weekends - yay. DS still has 6 exams left though.

Now on to stitching.

Firstly, I have pictures of Lisa's RR, this is the two pages I have stitched, you can see more pictures of all the RR's here. This is stitched in DMC99, and is a great colour, I'll have to find something to stitch using this. This RR is stitched 1 over 1 on 28 count, so is a little different to the others.

Next up, are pictures of the wonderful exchange package I received today from Katrina. A pinkeep, which is fast becoming my favourite finish, so another to add to my collection, as most of the one's I have made have been given away. Katrina also sent me some wonderful extras, I love them all. Thank you Katrina.

It doesn't look like my HoE Freebie exchange has arrived yet, and it was not posted at the same time as one to the US, and that arrived yesterday. I am starting to have doubts about the address-I won't give details here, as it will give it away, but the exchange was for Europe. I'm going to email the exchange organiser, to check it out. I heard yesterday that Vonna received the Make a Wish that I stitched for her. The photo's of that are on DD's camera, so I need to work out how to get them off there, and I'll be posting the pics soon.

Thanks everyone for visiting, I love you all for it, whether you comment or not. Although I love to get comments, I'm aware that it's not possible to leave a comment on every post you read.