Monday, September 29, 2008

Think Pink exchange received.

I joined the Think Pink exchange on SBEBB, and today I received this wonderful package from Goldie today. The flatfold is stunning it's not blurred in real life, and the extras. I cannot tell you how long I have wanted some of that check linen. Thank you Goldie.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

JN Sunday

It's Just Nan Sunday, and this is last weeks progress which I didn't get around to posting. As you can see there was not much to show. That illuminated letter gave me some grief, and frogging took place, I got so cross with it, that I made the decision to put it away, rather than carry on. I hope to at least finish that letter and row of words, and the next band too. Maybe even a start on the final band. I'm thinking this will be finished soon, and depending on today's progress maybe I won't be able to wait until next week. But I do have to go back and finish bands off from when I didn't have the correct threads, so I'm not as near the finish as you might think, and the beading will be the final finish.

This is my progress on My Treasures, these two pieces are Month 5, so I just have the final month to stitch on now, and to add the personalisation to the parts that need it.

I don't feel that I've done a real lot of stitching this week, but I did also decide and stitch my Pumpkin Patch exchange piece, but obviously I can't show that.

This week has been a really fed up week for me, and Monday night I was bedridden with a migraine. So if you're waiting on email from me, then that's why. I hope to get back to emailing soon. Tomorrow DS starts at University, so that's a big day for him, and I know it will be hard for him all week, he'll have to get up before lunch time. LOL

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My treasures workstation

This is month 3 and month 4, only two more to go - hopefully this week. I'm enjoying stitching on this more than I thought. The finishing of this is now planned for the end of October, so I can't see any reason why I won't be finished stitching by then.

We've had great weather the last few days, so if you look carefully at these photos, they might look mottled due to the sun streaming in the window. Today is JN Sunday, so hope to get a little more stitched on that.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's home, it's finished

The wonderful Nicki kindly volunteered to stitch the final round on my RR, when the last stitcher was unable to do so. Thank you Nicki, I don't know how I can repay you for your kindness. Now to find the time to make it up.
I am really pleased with how this turned out and so pleased that I now have 5 sets of initials on it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

JN Sunday

I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked last night, but I did complete that band that gave me all the grief last week. Apologies for the blurred picture, I'll try and do better next time.

I am way behind on emails, and blog reading, so if I've not left you a comment for awhile, I hope to soon.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My new start

Here's the photos I promised. This is month 1 and month 2, which I have just stitched, and I have just started month 3. This started in April, but I was undecided on fabric and colours, and this is nothing like my original ideas. LOL. I think the colours I have finally decided on must have been influenced by my recent Christmas stitching. These pictures seem a lot brighter here than the real thing, so it may be my monitor - who knows!
This is My Treasure Workstation by Judy Odell, and you can see how it will look when finished - here. This month is part 6, being the final chart, and the making up is next month.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jolly Old Elf

Jolly Old Elf
a Shepherds Bush kit
Stitched with DMC and WDW
on 10ct Tula

This was another quick stitch, and I plan on making it into a cushion for Christmas. I visited the local fabric shop and the fabric I liked was £9.99 per metre, so hoping to find it cheaper online.

I have a new start too, so will share pics when I have a little more done.

And for the curious the Beetroot Cake does not come out pink, although the mixture is pink before cooking. Next time I make one I'll take a picture of a slice. It looks like a light fruit cake with red flecks in it, very pretty.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cake anyone?

Here's the cakes I made on Sunday, which all went down very well. The chocolate cake (large cake) was yummy, a bit like 'death by chocolate', the fudge topping was very strong, and the cake was sandwiched with chocolate and hazelnut filling. I also made Beetroot cake (a bit too brown on the top-oops), Semi-rich fruit cake, Victoria sponge, Rock buns and Rice buns. Thankfully dh decided not everyone would be in work on Monday, and as it happened he brought some home. Dh has decided he doesn't want to be reminded that he's getting older, so I've told him we'll forget about his birthday from now on. LOL

With all this baking, and a visit from sis and bil, I didn't pick up JN. Back to stitching last night though, and I have another Christmas finish to share, but it's very dark tonight, so may be I'll get a photo of it tomorrow night.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A mattress finish

I made a mattress finish for Su on the Make A Wish board. This was my first time at making a mattress, and I enjoyed it, but would do it differently next time. I chose a design from Gift Of Stitching, but didn't realise until I'd stitched it that the chart is actually different to the model. The chart says 'I love cross stitch' and the model says 'I love to stitch'. The design is by Maryse, and if you check out her blog she does have a correction on there. I forgot to take photo's before I posted, so Su was kind enough to send me one. On the other side of the mattress I stitched the vase of flowers and Su, this is the side I prefer, you can see this on Su's blog. I also stitched the sides of the mattress with the green wavy line, and the pink crosses between. In the making up I added lavender, as I know that Su likes lavender, and I thought it would smell nice. I used three thick pieces of wadding inside the mattress, but on the middle one I cut a square out. I then got two pieces of voile and machined them together and stuffed full with lavender, this was then place in the middle of the wadding. I want to make another one of these for me. LOL

This week I finished stitching my 'Think Pink' exchange piece, I have also stitched my 'Halloween Exchange' piece. I did have a new start too, just a small Christmas piece. Today is JN Sunday, I now have the perle threads that I needed for this, so I will be going back to Band 1, and starting to fill in the bits I have had to miss. I'm not sure I'll get much stitching done today though, as I have to have a big baking session, it's dh's birthday tomorrow, and he needs cakes for 75 people, and they prefer my home made, so I think I'll be spending a bit of time in the kitchen, and as I may run out of ingredients, I may need to make a trip to the shop too.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

JN Sunday

Here's my progress from Sunday. A lot was done, and redone, and redone, and done again. Yep, I had a bad case of the frogs, hence this was abandoned with thread left loose. I was getting nowhere, and now cannot remember if I still have to pull more out. Oh well, I'll find out on Sunday.

It's been a busy week here. So not had chance to post since Sunday. I just heard that Su has received the Make A Wish I made for her - my first mattress finish, but I forgot to take any photo's. Doh!