Monday, October 30, 2006

It's nearly Halloween

Well, this was another small finish from last week. I thought I'd make it into a Flat fold, but not done that yet, so maybe it'll be finished for next year.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Being careful

Well, it looks like blogger wants to play today. However, I'm going to take this carefully. I shall only post one picture, and try again tomorrow.

I finished the Biscornu I was doing as part of a SAL, I stitched it with Crescent Colours - Heather Leigh, I really love the thread, but realised I wouldn't have enough to stitch both sides, so the bottom is stitched with a DMC variegated thread, in shades of purple. I hope you like the button, I found four of them in my mums button tin. They've been in there for as long as I can remember, so they may well be older than me.

As blogger is not letting me post pictures, you'll have to make do with this small one. Please click on it for a bigger picture.

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by xstitcherxx


I have been trying to Blog, but Blogger isn't having it. So this is yet another test. It saves my posts, but it will not publish them.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gone missing

Well I've been away for awhile, as I said I had a very busy week last week, and then became ill on Friday, so spent the day, night and part of Saturday in bed. So what have I been up to stitching wise, well - not a lot really. I stitched a Country Companions Tom mouse, just a small one - a freebie from a magazine (not photographed him yet). I've also stitched the final motif on the Mystery flower sampler (again not taken a new phote yet), just have the border to stitch on that. I've started a SAL of a Biscornu. I have a photo of that, week one was just to do the backstitching around the squares, so didn't take lone. I've chosen a 28ct linen, it's a pale Dusty Pink colour, something I had in my stash, doesn't have a label so can't tell you exactly what it is. It came in a Mixed Grab Bag of evenweave cuts I bought at a show a couple or three years ago. I'll try and get some more photo's posted of the other stuff. Last night I picked up Betty's Japanese Garden, and put a few stitches in that, I really do need to get on with that, and also need to get back to Mystery IX. So many things - so little time.
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by xstitcherxx

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Gift of Stitching

Well, I really like the October issue of this magazine. It has a design by Martina Weber, so I'll definately have to stitch that. If you don't subscribe to this magazine, I'd definately recommend it, it's well worth the money. The design by Martina is a small Mandala Garden, called Lavender Garden, and I love Lavender. There's also designs by Pine Glen Designs, Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor to name a few.