Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Christmas in July

As I was behind in blog reading, I didn't see on the HOE blog that Lisa had already received the Christmas ornament I made for her. I stitched Christmas is Love by Shepherds Bush and made it into a little hanger. I included linen, beads, finishing braid and chocolates - now you just have to have chocolates at Christmas, don't you agree.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Christmas in July exchange

Here's pictures of the wonderful exchange I received from Becky in the Christmas in July exchange at HOE. I love the ornament, and I received one of these from Andrea last year, so one day I may complete the set, as I'd love to stitch some. Becky also included some wonderful goodies, and a Shepherds Bush kit - look forward to stitching that - I love SB. Thank you Becky.

I've not heard that my exchange has been received yet, but it did have a long way to go.

The kitchen nightmare is keeping me away from the pc, and a normal life, but hopefully not long left. I will not give details here, but promise to show some before and after pics, for those that want them - Patti! I can't wait to have a working kitchen back - running water will be so nice. I'm even looking forward to cleaning up, and laundry!

I now have two weeks off work, so looking forward to trying to do a bit of chilling.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A quick post

Just a quickie to let you know I'm still around. Finished the ring pillow, just in time, lots of problems over finishing supplies, but got there in the end. And I loved it when it was finished.

I've also received my Christmas in July exchange piece, but need to get some pics so that I can share with you all.

DD has also been busy again, this time she has made me a chocolate bun from felt for a pincushion, it's so cute.

I'm really busy at the mo, my kitchen is to be refitted starting on Monday, it will take two weeks, so no more cooking for me for a couple of weeks. We will have to eat out, and maybe a couple of takeaways, but the plates will have to be washed up in the bathroom! Would anyone like four extra people for tea? I can't believe that one room has such an impact on the rest of the house, finding places to put things. I might even share some progress pics of the kitchen.

I'll be back soon with photos to share.