Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exchange arrives at last

I saw on SBEBB that my Garden Themed exchange had finally arrived. So I can finally share pictures. I had loved this design since I saw it, but was not really sure what I'd stitch it for. Anyway I decided on a hanging pillow. The colours are not great on the pictures, so I've shown a couple, to give you an idea. I stitched a little birdhouse on the back, and our initials with the year. I'm glad it arrived safely. The exchange was for Debbi, and I included a chart from her wish list, and boy does Debbi have a wish list!, as well as chocolates, ribbon, fabric and flower buttons.

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday

I'm not sure what to blog about, it's been so long. There's not been any progress on the making up of the casket and accessories, although this is what I decided to stitch on the bottom. I also did the stitching of the needleroll, but it's not made up yet.
I did lose my stitching mojo, but it has returned this week. It had to as I had some exchanges to get sorted. LOL, and being off work helped too. I also stitched a JBW design for me, but not decided on the finishing of it yet, there's not much spare fabric as I just stitched it on a scrap. I've been busy on the next round of the Quaker, as that has to be in the post next week, although the frogs have a hold on that one too. (Sorry Lisa)
I posted an exchange at the beginning of May, and I haven't heard that it's arrived yet, so I'm getting worried about that. I'm hoping I hear soon.
Apart from stitching, dh and I had our 20th Anniversary, where did those years go? I've looked into cancelling my car insurance, and going elsewhere to enable ds to be able to drive my car, but I'm still thinking about that. My premium will increase by about 800%, and ds doesn't really go out much, and he does not work so cannot contribute towards the cost, so there's a lot to think about, especially with the price of petrol, which seems to go up at least once a week. DS only has 3 weeks left at college, and then all of his exams will be over, and he just needs to wait for the results, before going on to University. Hopefully, he will find a job for the summer. DD only has 10 days, and then she has finished all her exams, and will move on to 6th form college in September, she has no intention of getting a job for the summer! Although, I have said I'll employ her as cleaner and chef, but I'm still waiting for the answer. DD is a wonderful cook, and often makes the meals. Anyway, I've rambled, so better get going. Thanks to everyone who visits, and leaves comments, I'm sorry I have not done the same. I have 593 unread blog articles, so I know I have no way of catching up. But will try to look at all the pictures!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sampler Garden Casket

This weekend was the finishing weekend for Sampler Garden Casket, as you can see I didn't get very far. I had a busy weekend, so didn't have a lot of time, but this is my slow progress. I do prefer to take my time with the finishing though. I hope to get the bottom finished next weekend, and the casket lid. To see the casket and accessories, you'll find them on Judy's site. This was the Designing Ladies 2007 project.

For the third Sunday in a row, there was no JN.

And need to add, that we finally got the car going last Monday evening. Then on Tuesday night, the washing machine door fastener broke-arrggghhhh, but a new one is now on order, and I worked out a way to open the door using a teaspoon! More good news, DS17 passed his driving test on Thursday, and the bad news - the insurance company I'm with won't let me include him to drive my car. And I'm still waiting for them to get back to me to tell me why.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SBEBB Garden Theme exchange received

Look at this beautiful exchange I received. Carol stitched made me a mattress finish, this is my first ever one, I think I'm going to have to make one of these. Carol stitched this design with one over one, and it's stunning, the colours are beautiful. And here's a pic of the whole exchange. Carol included ribbon, Dragon floss, finishing fabric, Silkweaver fabric, vanilla teabags, and a highlighter, which was quickly claimed by DD, who is busy doing lots of revision for her GCSE's. Thank you Carol.

Monday, May 05, 2008


We had a great day in London, DD and I, but it was tiring, and we had sore feet when we got home. The taxi I had booked to take us to the station arrived on time, and we were at the station in plenty of time. There's not much traffic at that time in the morning - 6.15 am, although a few people walking/staggering the streets on their way home from a Friday night out.

DD got a new camera last week, so she had to get some photo's of the sights. For those who don't know London, we have the London Eye and Big Ben.

And this is Liberty, I'd never been before, so we had a wander around inside, and I bought some soap, there were some nice clothes, but a bit out of my price range. They had some lovely fabric and buttons, and lace, but I didn't buy.

I've not done any stitching in the last few days, and I am late mailing my Garden theme exchange, I hope my partner likes what I've made, it will be in the post tomorrow. My car still does not work, but it's back to work for me tomorrow, and I'll be on the bus again, oh well. I've ordered my grocery shopping online, and that will be delivered on Wednesday night. I am out tomorrow night, so I think I'll have to walk there, I hope my feet have recovered by then.

Friday, May 02, 2008


What a week, and not a lot of stitching. There was no JN Sunday last weekend, I'll try and do better this weekend.

I've had another week with problems. DS and DD had dentist on Wednesday teatime. I came home from work on the bus, we have to take turns to use the car park at work since January, so I only go in car every other week, and this week wasn't my turn. Anyway I got home from work, got changed, and went to get the car out of my garage, it was dead, a completely flat battery. So we had to walk to the dentist, fortunately I had allowed plenty of time to get there in car, so we managed the twenty minute walk to the dentist, and made it just on time. We have a battery charger, so that was put onto charge, and the plan being that we could start it from that on Thursday night, alas no luck, although it did seem to charge the battery a little bit. The charger was once again put on to charge overnight, and DS and I tried again this morning to start the car, but still no luck. I rang sis, and she came down with her friend, we tried to jump it from her friends car, but still no luck. Arrgghh. DH has now decided that the car has more wrong than just the battery. I'm not so sure. By this time it was this afternoon, and too late to get the garage to come out. Now they won't come out on a Saturday, and they aren't open on Sunday, or Monday as we have a bank holiday. I can't get them to come out Tues, Weds or Thurs as I'll be at work, so who know when I'll have my car back. I think it's time for a bit of online supermarket shopping.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the big city. DD and I are going to London for the day, and we'll shop. It's an early start, and I've had to order a Taxi to get us to the station, I hope it turns up. I have experience of ordering a taxi in the past to go for a train, and it didn't turn up, I ended up having to go in my car and got to the train with seconds to spare. This time car won't be an option.

Our printer has decided it's not happy, so that's another thing that's annoying me. I've now replaced the black cartridge 3 times in 3 days, and it's still not happy. I've still not got a new telephone either, and I'm really missing my answerphone.

Anyway, more on my age on Monday and Tuesday I was 52, that's what work does to me. LOL. On Wednesday I got down to 42, and yesterday to 40, but today I'm 48. And for all those guessing, I'm going on the WiiFit daily, it's brilliant. I've been exercising everyday, and I'm hoping to keep it up.