Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where did it go wrong??

Snow Fall Roll
by Shepherds Bush

I decided to stitch a little more on this, but look at it. Below what I've stitched so far, I need to add a row of mittens (just started), followed by another row of stitching - well that makes it off centre, and I won't have as much fabric left at each end of the roll as I'd like, so I'm thinking I may pull the start of the mitten row out, and just leave it at that, apart from adding the lace, and a few finishing details - what do you think?

Could this be the reason it is off centre? I think I can only partly blame this, the pattern has two centre marks printed on it, I'm not sure which I used, but then this alone wouldn't account for how much the design is off centre, unless of course both of these markers are wrong?

Shall I start again?


Barb said...

Hi Chris I no longer have this chart although I have stitched it.I did not have a problem with it but what a shame you have, as it is my favourite one I think that I have done. Perhaps you can make it into a mini roll or even something else and stitch it again as a roll lol.
Take care
hugs Barb

KarenV said...

It would be a shame to start again. I think you need something under the row of white boxes though - could you leave the mitten row out, put the lace in instead of the mittens and then just stitch the final row?

KarenV said...

OK, I've just looked at the picture again, and you've obviously left space for the lace under the snowmen. Maybe just leave the mitten row out and stitch the last row?

Sally said...

I never noticed the two centre marks! Just goes to show how much notice I take doesn't it!Might not be a bad idea to take the mitten row out.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I think it looks fine how you have it.

Patti said...

Hi Chris, Okay looking at what you have stitched I would say you used the darker of the two markings as you central line.

I certainly wouldn't stitch it again. What I would do is stitch the two rows you are supposed to stitch put on the lace, and you know the very top row you stitched? Well I think I would stitch that row again but upside down so that the lighter colours are on top of each other and the darker colours frame it. Then you will be 2 rows out at the top and I think I would probably cut off a little bit at the top - maybe one rows worth and then nobody will ever know the difference - except for you of course. But it looks lovely and so what if it isn't even steven! Hope this helped.
Lots of Love
Patti (or Patit which is my want of late) xxx

Vicky said...

I wouldn't start again, I would just rejigg and make your finished piece unique :-)

Claire said...

It only looks slightly off center to me :0).

Christine said...

I think I'd take out the mitten row, and add a row of squares to match the one at the top instead. No-one will know its different to the pattern unless they have the pattern in front of them