Monday, January 04, 2010

Just Nan Sunday

I decided to give in to Just Nan Sunday, and got the fabric down for cutting. The pattern recommends 28ct Raw linen, and I decided on 32ct, the beads are small enough to fit . Then (no idea why) I decided to look for 28ct, but didn't find any, but I did find 28ct Raw Quaker cloth, so I got that down for cutting. But, by the time I settled to start it was gone 8pm, so decided it was a bit too late in the night for a new start, I had to be up before 6am this morning for work, so - JN Sunday didn't happen............ now next week - definitely.

So I did a little more on Peppermint Twist, and I realised that I'd posted up a progress pic from Friday night, and I was a little further on really, I'd nearly finished the house, and planted a tree.

Peppermint Twist
poor quality photo due to
electric light and no flash!

So this is where I got up to last night, I planted two more trees, and lit the fires (see the smoke out of the chimneys). I don't think much more will happen tonight, I'm dead on my fit, and early night is called for.

Bye for now.


Patti said...

You have such great ideas. I love your JN Sundays. I think from now on I'm going to have ATS Sundays and then at last I can get started on it without feeling gulty. Thanks for your great idea and mind if I copy it?
Patti xxx

Sally said...

Oooh I started 4 Wishes today!!! Loving it so far too.

Love PT. Must get mine out again soon but have other things that are more pressing lol

Carol said...

Peppermint Twist is coming along nicely! Congrats on finishing 56 projects in 2009! You're awesome! =)

Christine said...

Shame you didn't have chance to get the JN started, but it gives you something to look forward to next Sunday. Great progress on the Peppermint Twist

Brigitte said...

Your JN piece is a wonderful new project. Looking forward to see your progress once you have started.

Meari said...

Peppermint Twist looks really cute!

Bonnie said...

What fabric are you stitching "Peppermint Twist" on? I want to use 40 count but can't find Lakeside Linen's Wood Smoke. I bought a 40 count suggested by LHN but when I got it out to start stitching, I don't like it. I can't even see the holes.

Anonymous said...

Love your finishes for 2009!! You did a great job and this Peppermint is coming along nicely.

Julie said...

PT looks great.

Looking forward to watching 4 wishes grow,i have that in my stash but decided on something else for the SAL this time.