Friday, January 01, 2010

The Drop Outs

I've been looking over the past year, and here's some pics of the starts that never made the finishing line. Some you may have seen before, and others you won't have seen at all.

One sock from a sock kit, this is to be pulled out,
and will probably end up as a scarf.
Just too chunky.

Regia yarn socks - Kaffe Fasset wool
The first one the foot was too long, the second the foot is too short.
The first one is to be pulled out and restarted,
the second will have the toe pulled out, and the foot lengthened.

Knitted bag, needs to be stitched together,
and handles to be knitted.

Hardanger hearts, I just did not like the colours,
now I think I may finish them.

The first start of the ring pillow-I didn't like the colours.
I may finish this by frogging some.

Flowers for Jo, bag and accessories.
I must get on with this, not much stitching left,
and I dated it 2009.

Lavender hearts.
Sweetheart tree biscornu kit.

Rosewood Manor sampler.

I suppose that's not too many that got started and not finished, and by showing them here, they'll remind me too. (Hopefully I won't come across any more).


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see some of those WIPs finished this year - you really do have to finish those little hardanger hearts, they're too pretty not to finish :) There's a really love mix of different project types in there for finishing :)

Nic said...

That looks a manageable amount - which one are you going to pick up first?

acereta said...

So many beautiful things!

Judy Odell said...

I absolutely love the Rosewood sampler. You just must get it done and post a picture. Hugs