Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did this kit include a frog?

Before Friday night stitching

Lavender Hearts biscornu
The Sweetheart Tree

Friday night SAT (stitchathon)

I picked this up on Friday night with the aim of finishing it (not all in one night). But there were lots of visits from the frog, each threaded needle seemed to have to be unpicked. And from what I could see I had already unpicked some in the past, so my guess is that's why it got put away last time. And there is one of the beads missing in the packet, so I think I will miss off the beads from the bottom side. Do you ever find projects like this?

Now can I face this again on Friday, or shall I pick something else?


Claire said...

It' looking good keep up the hard work.

flamingo said...

I am so sorry(((
Which one is missing? i have extra one in my kit amethyst cats-eye. I will be happy to help you . Elena
my email

Patti said...

Kits don't usually come with frogs but you never know! It might have been an extra as a late Christmas present! In this case if it were me I would put it away for a while and start on some other UFO. Or, if you haven't got any of those lying around start something new - my very favorite thing (besides hugging and kissing my grandchildren)!
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Julie said...

It's very pretty... pick it up again and finish it off beads or no beads it will be super

Andrea said...

You have to finish it, it's so pretty.

Terri said...

This is so pretty. I'm really sorry about the frog.

Marie-P said...

Not sure why some projects give us so much trouble! Lavender Hearts is beautiful and certainly worth that trouble. :)

So, what day next week is you birthday? Such a milestone...treat yourself to something extra special.