Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween Exchange 2010

Sweeping Cobwebs
by Prairie Schooler

Halloween Exchange from Marie

Here is the wonderful exchange that I received from Marie. As soon as I received a package with Marie's name on it I knew I was in for a treat. Marie's stitching and finishing is wonderful. Marie made me this wonderful pinkeep, which I love. I hate spiders, but thankfully the toy one on here didn't freak me out. Apologies to Marie for taking so long to post to my blog. I took a last minute holiday, and then totally forgot about posting.

At the moment I cannot find the photographs of the exchange package that I sent, but I'm going to have another good look around, and check out my old camera. I bought a new compact digital camera at the end of August as it was better for carrying around. I took 5 photographs with it and then my daughter borrowed it and took it to University has her camera was broken. Last weekend she had it stolen from her bag. I have learned my lesson - do not loan your new camera out!


Kathy A. said...

What a gorgeous exchange from Marie. I love the black and orange theme to her package.
Oh no, so sorry that you have had your new camera stolen. That sucks!

Lisa said...

I love the exchange you received, what a wonderful lot of gifts. Not seen that design before but it's really cute.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely exchange received from Marie. Sorry to hear about your camera.

Christine said...

How annoying about your camera!
The halloween pinkeep is gorgeous