Friday, February 26, 2010

Another finish

Socks in Exotic Zany by Kaffe Fassett
from Regia Yarns

Well I was so pleased to get these done. I pulled out and unpicked and finished, and started again to finally have a pair of socks that fit and are the same size, and I matched the colour of the wool at the start too, so that the self striping matched on each sock. I am now looking for a sock pattern that does not use a heel flap, and uses less than 5 needles, so if anyone know of an online pattern, I'd love to have the link. - thanks.

Now where have I been, well to be honest I've not done a lot of stitching this week, although I did have a new start this week, and that involves hardanger, and I'm doing wrapped bars, which always takes time. I'll show a picture soon. I knitted on the socks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday last weekend to get them done, although it took until Thursday night for me to get around to sewing the ends in. I procrastinate too much. As I wanted to get the socks done, I did not participate in the Friday night SAT, and I did not work on JN on Sunday either. Now before the socks I did work on a UFO, and I took a 'before' picture, and when I take an 'after' picture I will show you. Although, I don't really think of this as a UFO, it's my 'lifelong' project - I don't see it being finished for many years yet!

As you know I was off work the week before last. I want to thank you for all the 'good luck' you sent for dd, who has now been offered a place at the Uni following her interview, although I'm not sure if she will be choosing it as her second choice. On the Friday we went to Leeds, where I drove around for one hour (lost) until we finally found our way to the car park we needed to be at. I was taking dd to the University of Leeds for a department 'open day'. This is to be her fist choice Uni, so she just needs to work hard to get the grades needed to get her place. When we left Leeds, I got lost once again on the roads, now I should have known that I needed to follow the signs for London - even though I wanted to be in the opposite direction. Next time I will try and get it right! Anyway having got stuck in a traffic jam, we travelled 5 miles in 50 minutes we ended up near Ikea. So, we just had to call in, and we had our tea there, and I know my way back home from there, and it was much easier when we left as the 'rush hour' was over.

Thank you all for your visits, and for leaving me comments too, I just love them.

Corrinne - I am one hours drive from York, and about 1 hour 40 mins to Robin Hoods Bay (my dd's favourite place).


Christine said...

Wow! Funky socks. I knitted a sock once. Just one. Just once.
Glad your DD got on well at her interviews

Karoline said...

Jazzy socks, congratulations.

Claire said...

they look nice and cosy.

Nic said...

Great socks - you're very professional, matching the stripes!

I'm not sure a similar pattern is available online, but I like the "forethought" heel that Charlene Schurch uses in her books - it's basically another toe shaped section, and it also gives a nice "bulls-eye" effect with striped yarns - and although there is a provisional cast on, no picking up stitches!

Julie said...

Cool socks.

Well done to DD on the interview

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those socks are wonderful!

Sally said...

Nice socks Chris! They look lovely and warm.