Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Sunday

...and you know what that means -it's time for Just Nan. Actually I was going to post an update but the dd has stolen the camera cable again, so hopefully I can get my hands on it when she comes home from work.

I have been working on the HAED this week, and picked up 4 Wishes on Friday night, and did a little but had to put it down to watch the programme on Weaving, I really enjoyed it. I do have a loom upstairs (thank you Carol). Has anyone else been watching Mastercrafts on BBC2?

I picked up 4Wishes again last night, and did some frogging and then some stitching, and today I have spotted another mistake in the border - that's what happens when you're tired. I am on track to finish it tonight, but we'll see I think I might save the beads for daylight tomorrow night. It's so nice that it's getting dark later in the evening, although the longer days have had me up earlier in the morning this weekend because we have had sun!

I have already planned my next JN start for next Sunday - if I can wait that long. And I am thinking the HAED will be going away again. I am also thinking of picking up Inspiration next week, but we'll see.

Hope to be back later.


marylin & poussy said...

Hello, without translator I cannot read to you, but I make you just man a small hello
Best regards of FRANCE

Julie said...

Yes, i've been watching the mastercrafts, i did enjoy the weaving one and the stained glass too.