Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Birthday Gift and an Award

Today is my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me. And just look at the wonderful gift I received from Sally. I just love it. This design was on my wishlist, and it was only Friday that Sally was asking me when my birthday was. I usually keep quiet about it. Little did I know she was already stitcing away! Not only did Sally stitch the pinkeep/scissor keep, she also included the scissors, and they are beautiful. It's funny, but it was only Friday we had a conversation about scissors, I think I'm becoming a collector. I'm just in the middle of ordering some Gingher's. I'm orderin my self stash - a present to me. I won't say how old I am, but I am now starting the countdown to the big one - five oh, oh no. I'm not sure how I became this age, I'm only 20 in my head! Apologies for the poor quality pictures, and I have no idea why the photo of the back (below) appears pink. Taken within a minute of each other, same place, same lighting - who knows?.

And now for an award. I was given this by Dawn, and I was thrilled, so as part of this I need to list my top 5 addictions, and also give the award to 5 bloggers-which is always the hardest part. I just love so many blogs, but I will choose 5, but please don't be disappointed if you're not on there, it doesn't mean that I don't love your blog any less.

My 5 addictions are:

1. My children - I love them to pieces
2. Chocolate - I could live on it
3. Stitching - I could stitch all day
4. The Internet - I could browse all day
5. Shopping - for stash - is there any other shopping?

5 awards to

Carol S


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris, what lovely pressies you had!

Daffycat said...

Have a happy birthday, Chris, and many happy returns!

Carolyn said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! I hope your day is special. What a wonderful gift. I know you are tickled pink!

Christine said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Chris. The gift Sally made for you is just gorgeous.

Vonna said...

Isn't this just the sweetest gift dear Sally made for you? Love it!

Happiest of Birthday's Chris! May 2009 be filled with nothing but sunshine, rainbows and chocolate :)

Karoline said...

Happy Birthday Chris, your gift is lovely.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday ! Sally's gift is wonderful.

Carol said...

Beautiful gift. Happy Birthday Chris!

Sally said...

Hope you had a lovely day Chris. So pleased you love your pressie:) I did a bit of detective work and looked back on your blog to find out when your birthday was LOL!

Thank you for the award!

Susimac said...

Happy happy belated birthday Chris, I'm so sorry I missed it, I hope that you had an amazing day.
Thankyou too for the lovely award - you have just made my day


Julie said...

Belated birthday wishes, lovelt gift from Sally.
Congrats on the award.

staci said...

Happy Birthday! That is a wonderful gift!!!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Lovely presents- I just love the Holly and Berry's piece - The colors look so crisp and they just pop!

You know, I'm already in the decade you're approaching and sometimes it takes me by surprise when I see that older woman in photos that seems to be me, but in my head I'm so young!! I guess that's Mother Nature playing her little joke on us. Don't worry - it's all in the attitude - you're young if you feel young!