Friday, August 08, 2008


Well I have nothing to share. I have not stitched for over a week.

I came back from my holidays, with great enthusiasm for everything, unfortunately this was short lived. And I have been fed up, really fed up, and cannot be bothered to do anything. This last week has been a little better. And I know that I need to stitch. Last night, I decided on a new start - not that I need another start, but I tossed around the wips and nothing appealed to me. So new start was decided. I decided on a pattern, cut the fabric, counted the fabric and marked out my starting point, and then - couldn't be bothered with it anymore. Can anyone help, does anyone have any ideas?

Today, is 8.8.08. I've heard it enough times on the TV this morning. So, will it be lucky? I've been and done a large supermarket shop, I went early, and was back before 9am. That's one good thing about living in a city, there's plenty of 24 hour supermarkets, and it's nice to be able to shop for something if you fell the urge. LOL. Today I plan to have lunch about 12, and then watch the Olympic opening ceremony, it's on the TV from 12:45 to 4:45. It would nice to be able to stitch too, but I can only wait and see if that happens. I'm thinking of digging out a UFO, and try and finish it during the next two weeks - my own stitching Olympics. But this is in doubt - if I can't manage to settle to stitch.

I'm hoping my RR turns up today. I last saw it back in January, and since then it's been on it's travels around the UK. Unfortunately, the last stitcher couldn't stitch on mine, so it was returned to me, but never arrived. However, this week I heard that it arrived back with that stitcher, and was to be sent back to me on Wednesday. Now it didn't arrive yesterday, so fingers crossed, the postie will bring it today. Maybe I'll be able to stitch the final two parts on that. Who knows.

Going now to do the ironing. Chat soon.

PS. thanks for all the comments on my new look. I just hope it looks good to all readers.


karenv said...

I've been feeling a bit like that lately too. Perhaps you could put your stitching aside for a while and tell yourself you're not going to stitch. Or start something really small and quick to stitch, like a freebie or part of a larger design. Hope you find your mojo again soon!

Anonymous said...

Just go with it... :o(... The ironing won't hold your attention for too long, I'm sure. And once the Olympics start your fingers will start itchin' for some stitchin'!!
Fingers crossed your mojo and your RR come back soon!!

Sally said...

I hope your RR turns up today Chris. I'm getting really fed-up of it, as I'm sure you are. Try emailing them and make sure it's been sent.

MJ said...

I find myself in the same rut from time to time. I think sometimes we need a break from stitching (or anything we do all the time). It can start out as a stress reliever but if we aren't carefull, it can become something else to stress over! Chill out, give yourself a break until you are excited about the prospect of stitching again! It doesn't always happen in a day or a week or a month for me.
Then again, sometimes I need a deadline like a wedding or baby arrival to get me going and excited again! Read yourself and listen to your feelings. Only you can determine what it'll take to get excited again.
Something else that sometimes helps me is to go through the pictures of things I've completed (I usually make gifts so have only two pieces actually in my posession) and recall who I gave them to, for what occasion. I usually end up smiling, reminiscing, and thinking of more things I can do...and getting excited about it in the process!

Susimac said...

Love the new look blog, the colours are so lush!
Hope that your mojo comes back again, I find when I ,loose mine I look through blogs and albums and regain my inspiration that way and I also go through all my charts and have alook to see if I can get inspired that way too.

Julie said...

Hope your stitchy bug comes back soon and your RR returns home safely.