Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Big Thank You

Stitchers are wonderful. I want to thank Nicki.

Do you remember my round robin with finally arrived back with me a couple of weeks ago. Well, it's on it's travels again. Nicki was kind enough to offer to stitch the last two pages on my RR. I was delighted and accepted her offer. I finally posted it to her on Saturday, and it arrived yesterday.

I also say thanks to Sally, and Lisa who also offered to stitch another page each, but it didn't seem right that they would then have done 3 pages each. Something about keeping the balance right, I don't know what it was really, I would have stitched them myself, but I jumped at the chance to have another stitcher on board.

So THANKS again Nicki.

There's no further progress on With My Needle, I did order the two perle threads I needed for it, they cost me over £30! Well, you can't just order threads, can you?


Julie said...

I'm so pleased your RR will be finished as it should be.

A spending spree.... so what else did you buy then, you can't say how much and not what you bought LOL

Clare - Aimetu said...

Nice to hear your RR is being done - stitchers are a friendly bunch.

I quite agree you couldn't have bought just the perle :)

Nicki said...

awww... It's not a big deal :) Hopefully it'll be back with you before too long :)

What did you buy? :)

Karan said...

So kind of Nicki. Glad it will be finished as a RR. :0)
Think that's something all stitchers do - after all if you're going to have to pay P&P you may as well get your monies worth. LOL