Wednesday, April 23, 2008

JN Sunday

Just a quick post, I didn't realise it had been over a week since my last post. I finished the needle roll, but still need to make it up. Otherwise I've not stitched much at all. I posted me next exchange piece on Monday, so hopefully that's well on it's way.

What a week I had last week. On Tues/Wed my phone decided it no longer wanted to be part of the phone. I have one of these all in one, caller display, answerphone, directory type phones and something inside must have failed, as it constantly makes a horrible noise, and asks us to replace the handset. So now we're having to use a couple of old phones, until I sort out another. I really miss the caller display, and answerphone. On Friday, I was going to meet Sally, and having set off early, as I needed to go a couple of places on route, my car started making a strange noise, so I ended up driving to the garage, where it was diagnosed as not fit for the road, and I had to leave it there, whilst they ordered the part. So I was disappointed not to meet up with Sally, but we'll try again this week. I got my car back the following door, at a cost of nearly £200 ($400).
On Sunday i got up and when I turned the pc on, it decided I'd never used an email account before, and wanted me to set one up! All my emails, and address book had completely gone. My blog reader had also gone, and my browser programme had also decided it was new, no favourite sites for me. I was devastated! I got the engineer out of bed at 8.20, he doesn't normally get out of bed until lunchtime. Anyway a full morning was spent updating, reinstalling, deleting, reinstalling, and eventually my address book was found. Then having offered to bake a cake if my emails could be found, they were also found hidden in a backup folder. Next was my favourites, and my blogs, however my blog reader could not be sorted. So I now have a different program for my blog reader, and my blogs have to be added one by one. I'll get there eventually, and might even be able to post comments.

Also a big thank you to Cathy, who was kind enough to send me a JN chart with left over beads that she had finished with. Once I've stitched it I'll be offering it up, so watch this space.


Karan said...

Oh I love that band - reminds me of Polly's post about the ducklings on JA. LOL
Sounds like you've had your 3 now Chris - hope it's nothing but Good Luck from now on. :0)

Julie said...

awww cute little ducks!

WOW costly repairs to the car, sorry you didn't get to visit with Sally

I'll be watching for your JN chart on offer LOL

Sally said...

Barnabee is lovely Chris. I have quite a soft spot for this piece as I really enjoyed stitching it when I did it.

You definitely had one of those weeks. What a bummer about your PC too. Pleased you could it all sorted though.

See you tomorrow hopefully.

Stitchingranny said...

wow you are on the home straights now you have passed the pond Chris. Just a trip through the knot garden and the roses and home to the hive for the night lol. My grandson loves this one and we go through the story time and again, can you tell.

Will be watching out for the new JN you have got, I love the way these charts get passed around, both my BQ & 4 wishes went to Jane, and I think they have now both been promised to others from the group which is lovely as thats how they came to me.

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on Barnabee. You are really zipping along. I am so sorry to hear you were having all sorts of mechanical/technical issues this week. At least most of it is sorted out now. Can't wait to see what Cathy sent you! I just received my In the Tin pieces yesterday for JN's new series. They should be fun!