Wednesday, April 09, 2008

JN Sunday

Well, I managed a little stitching on Barnabee. I stitched the final band on Part 2, and back stitched the final band on Part1, which I'd never done. I still need to add the bees, ants, etc, but they will be done soon.

On Monday night I picked out fabric and threads for the monthly challenge which is The Caron Keeper, and stitched that. I can't show that yet though, until reveal day, but I have already decided how I'm going to make it up.

I originally picked the fabric you see below, but then decided it would be perfect for this sampler, and just had to start it next, so here it is. This is Blackbird Designs Simple Harvest, and this is what I did last night, hoping to stitch more on that tonight.


Christine said...

Good progress on Barnabee.
I love teh colours in your Simple Harvest. What thread did you use?

Sally said...

Lovely progress on Barnabee:) Can't wait to see what you've done with The Caron Keeper. I've started mine but not got far yet.

Love your start on the BBD. Lovely colours.

Karan said...

Barnabee is looking great & I love the colours in your new start - looking forward to seeing more. :0)

Karoline said...

They're both lovely Chris, nice progress

Julie said...

Barnabees buzzing nicely.

Colours are superb in the BD one.

My challenge piece is stitched but not made up yet, it was a lovely one to stitch

staci said...

Very pretty WIP's :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress - I'm getting there. Thank you so much for inspiring me to pick mine back up!