Sunday, September 17, 2006

Flower sampler

I've still not returned to Mystery IX, but will do so now. I have gotten it down from the loft, and the Flower sampler has been packed away. I've stitched another two squares since my last posting, so there's only one motif left, and the border was released on Friday, so need to decide on that, there's a couple, or I could do them both. I think I will do them with a darker green.

I've definately decided on the floss colour for the 'stitchers set' I'm going to make, and chosen some pretty flowered fabric to go with it, so looking forward to starting that, but I must devote at least the next week to Mystery IX.

Oh, I forgot, I have just received a Tacky Bob, and I'm hoping this will help with all the beading needed on Mystery IX. I love beads, and most things I've stitched recently have beads, but I'm notorious for spilling them. I somehow, always manage to spill the pot, and they go down the side of my chair-lost forever. I ran out when I was stitching Shimmering Mermaid, probably due to spilling them several times. I've now decided to put a throw over the chair whenever I have beads, and then hopefully I'll be able to pick them up off the throw. I'll let you all know how I find Tacky Bob.


Barb said...

The flower sampler is beautiful so far. Can't wait to see it finished. Barb

Barbara said...

Love your flower sampler and the colors you've chosen for it. I've downloaded it and hope to get around to stitching it someday - yet another project I want to do. LOL Barb in TX