Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well this is the beaded needle case I got last week, it arrived on Monday morning. Of course I couldn't wait to get started, and so I started it on Tuesday night. I was keen to try out Tacky Bob. I still lost a couple of beads, they flicked off the needle when I was trying to pick them up! But it was much better than spilling all of them everywhere, like I usually do.

I know it's not a really clear picture, (but if you click on the pic to open a bigger one-you might see it better) I'll do a close up of the case when I've finished it. The case is read with a black cat on it. I've finished the cat, but I'm not happy with the beading across the base of the case, so I'm going to undo it, it was a little too slack just in a small area, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and as I won't be doing another I want it to be right. I really enjoy beading, but how many beaded needle cases does one need. Now beaded baubles, that's another story. I'll try and remember at Christmas to photograph the one's I've made.

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