Saturday, February 06, 2010

Just Nan Sunday

4 Wishes by Just Nan

My progress picture from last Sunday, not much added as I didn't stitch for long, I was really tired. I have been suffering lately from a lack of sleep, thanks to teenagers, and their late bedtimes. It's Sunday again tomorrow - just in case you didn't know. :-) - maybe more progress then. For my followers who do not know the pattern - there are 4 seasons to the pattern, Winter stopped just below the snowmen, and now I am working on Spring. The line for Winter reads 'May winter flakes be fleeting'. And talking of winter we have had snow twice this week, and there may be more to come.

And for those who fancy the canal boat holiday, maybe we can organise a stitchers trip!


Carol said...

Hello! And thank you so much for visiting my blog--I love "meeting" new stitching friends from around the world.

I love your Just Nan WIP--so cute. Those little snowmen heads peaking out at me, just make me smile :)

Danielle said...

I love Just Nan designs. I have Barnabee's Quest partially stitched--I should pull it out as well--I could use some nice spring designs to look at---like you I am sick of winter. I love the photos of your 2006 vacation--I would have loved that, too. I hope you get a chance to add more stitches to your 4 Wishes!

corinna said...

not to worry about the contest
i just enjoy your blog
love the boat trip pics
makes one wish for sunny days
even if attitudes are a bit sulky
so funny because the sulky ones will talk about trips like that in years to come...but they remember them with a fondness.....ah family!

mollycaff said...

It's looking lovely Chris, I hope you manage to get a bit more stitching time this weekend.

Christine said...

Its looking good Chris

Tracy said...

Great progress, I haven't done any on mine yet this month I'm so behind with stitching for this month, looking forward to see it grow x

Brigitte said...

A stitcher's trip on a boat, sounds like a dream.
I hope you were able to stitch some of the spring row today.

Patti said...

I LOVE this one. I might actually stitch another Just Nan - this one because I LOVE it. Did you buy the silks for it or are you using DMCs for this?
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Julie said...

Roll on Spring.... and i mean that both in the stitching and the weather :0)