Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More gifts I've made

I finally made a visit to Sally today, and delivered by hand the Christmas ornament I made for her in our private ornament exchange. I hope Sally likes it, and I'm sorry it's late, but hopefully the bottle I delivered with it makes up for the lateness! I do not seem to have taken a very good photograph of it, but maybe Sally will show you a better picture. I also just made it into a hanging ornament, with a ribbon hanger, I chose not to make the scissor keep.

Gingerbread scissors keep ornament
by The Victoria Sampler


This was the birthday gift I made for Sally, we have been in a year long SAL, stitching a needle roll a month - although I stitch I do not regularly post on my blog - so you have all this to see soon. Anyway back to Sally's birthday, this is why I chose to stitch her a needle roll. I took the photograph with scissors in the background to try and show you the size of the needle roll, as it is huge in comparison with the Shepherds Bush ones we have been stitching. Unfortunately I did not get it finished in time for her birthday, and Sally didn't actually receive this until today, when I delivered it in person - hope Sally has opened it by now! and she doesn't think it's for her next birthday. LOL

Garden Check Needle Roll by M Designs
stitched on Polstitches hand dyed fabric
and recommended threads

A close up of the Spiders Web Roses
these were stitched in Thread Gatherer Silken Pearl


Here's the photo's of the birthday gift I sent to my partner who had a birthday in November. This birthday exchange was organised by Edgar on the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club blog. I sent these gifts out in November, but I have no idea if they were received, but then neither have I heard that they didn't arrive. The stitcher I sent to no longer updates her blog, and I'm sure she doesn't read mine, but I hope she is well, and nothing has happened to her. As you can see I did my favourite tin finish, and included gifts from her wishlist. The scissors I sent don't show up on the photo, but they were two tone in dark green and red.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I am sure everyone loved them.

Sally said...

I absolutely love both my ornament and my needleroll Chris {{{{{hugs}}}}} Thank you so much xxxxx

Julie said...

Two beautiful gifts for Sally, i'm sure she was thrilled with them.

Karen said...

Love your finishes especially the needleroll. Love the design and colors. Great finishes on all.

Patti said...

WOW oh WOW those are some gifts YOU stitched. Now please show us what you received! I NEED to see. I also saw that there will be n SBBC next year which saddens me and there is no PS Exchange either for at least the first part of this year as Becky isn't well and neither is her computer.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Nic said...

Lovely finishes, Chris!

Andrea said...

Beautiful gifts.

Karoline said...

They're all lovely Chris, congratulations