Friday, October 23, 2009

By the Sea exchange

I received a wonderful By the Sea exchange from Erin, and although I sent her an email at the time, from reading her blog it doesn't look like she received it. I have resent it, but who knows if it arrived. I really wanted to show you the wonderful pictures, but at this moment in time Blogger doesn't seem to want any pictures uploading. I've checked the status, and it does say blogger has been down, so maybe it's still not 100%. the bar to click upload is currently greyed out.

I have had an unplanned blogging break, and it has also been a break from the Internet. I have over 1000 emails, and about 800 blogging posts to read. So I don't think I'll catch up, I'm sorry to say a lot will be deleted.

I also have received my Halloween Exchange and BeCAUSE it's Pink exchange, so have lots to share. But that's just typical of late - there's always some reason it doesn't get done. So I'll try and get back later to see if I can upload photo's.


Patti said...

Can't wait to see the photos. And glad to see you back again.
Patti xxx

Karan said...

Technology - don't you just love it!
Looking forward to seeing the pics..... when Blogger is fixed. :0)