Saturday, September 13, 2008

My new start

Here's the photos I promised. This is month 1 and month 2, which I have just stitched, and I have just started month 3. This started in April, but I was undecided on fabric and colours, and this is nothing like my original ideas. LOL. I think the colours I have finally decided on must have been influenced by my recent Christmas stitching. These pictures seem a lot brighter here than the real thing, so it may be my monitor - who knows!
This is My Treasure Workstation by Judy Odell, and you can see how it will look when finished - here. This month is part 6, being the final chart, and the making up is next month.


Dawn B. said...

I like the colors..Very Christmasy

Karoline said...

It looks lovely Chris,great start

Julie said...

WOW that is going to be stunning, i just love the colour combo you settled on

p.s. i made a beetroot cake after seeing yours, we all liked it. I'll hold you responsible for my expanding waistline shall i? LOL

Andrea said...

Very pretty. It's going to look fabulous. I like Jolly Old Elf too, he's certainly earned his name!