Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Exchanges, Round Robin and a birthday.

Here's a picture of my baby, not a very good picture, I couldn't get a clear one taken from the photo, there was too much reflection. Anyway, my baby was 16 last week. DD celebrated with a joint party at the weekend with her friend. On her birthday, I said we could go out for tea, but dd wanted to stay in and revise for an exam the next day. I then asked her what she would like for tea, and she asked for salad for her birthday tea - don't you just love her. Exams are now over - thankfully, well for dd at least, she had her last one yesterday, and has now finished school for good. No more school uniform to wash and iron at the weekends - yay. DS still has 6 exams left though.

Now on to stitching.

Firstly, I have pictures of Lisa's RR, this is the two pages I have stitched, you can see more pictures of all the RR's here. This is stitched in DMC99, and is a great colour, I'll have to find something to stitch using this. This RR is stitched 1 over 1 on 28 count, so is a little different to the others.

Next up, are pictures of the wonderful exchange package I received today from Katrina. A pinkeep, which is fast becoming my favourite finish, so another to add to my collection, as most of the one's I have made have been given away. Katrina also sent me some wonderful extras, I love them all. Thank you Katrina.

It doesn't look like my HoE Freebie exchange has arrived yet, and it was not posted at the same time as one to the US, and that arrived yesterday. I am starting to have doubts about the address-I won't give details here, as it will give it away, but the exchange was for Europe. I'm going to email the exchange organiser, to check it out. I heard yesterday that Vonna received the Make a Wish that I stitched for her. The photo's of that are on DD's camera, so I need to work out how to get them off there, and I'll be posting the pics soon.

Thanks everyone for visiting, I love you all for it, whether you comment or not. Although I love to get comments, I'm aware that it's not possible to leave a comment on every post you read.


Barbara said...

Congratulations on your daughter's birthday! Wishing her a year of happiness and health. :D

But now you MUST tell me the name of the pattern & designer of that GORGEOUS pinkeep you received from Katrina. Because I MUST have it! LOL!!!

Karoline said...

It's a gorgeous pinkeep. Happy Birthday to your DD

Sally said...

I hope DD's exams went well and good luck to DS for his remaining ones. How did his interview go?

I received Lisa's RR yesterday and it's so pretty. I'm looking forward to stitching it although dreading the over one a bit! Lol!

Lovely exchange from Katrina.

Julie said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to your DD.

Gorgeous pin keep received in the exch. And nice stitching on Lisa's Quaker book.

Andrea said...

Great stitching on the rr. The colour is really pretty. I love the pinkeep you have received.

Carla said...

Lovely stitching!! And a vey happy birthday to your daughter!

Karan said...

Sweet sixteen! Belated congratulations to your DD. Cute pic. :0)
Hope all goes well in both hers & your DS's exams with good results all round.
RR looking good, it's nice to see the different ones. Great excahnge too.

Stitchingranny said...

Oh to be sweet 16 and stepping onto the threshold of life.
Happy Birthday to DD.

Chris can you contact me privately please.


anna said...

Chris, what is the name and designer of that lovely pinkeep from Katrina? I just can't fint it...

Nicola said...

Belated happy birthday to your daughter. The RR is lovely, that's a beautiful colour you're using. The pinkeep is lovely too.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday DD.
I love the pink RR

Clare - Aimetu said...

Happy Birthday to DD and fingers crossed for brilliant results.

Great stitching, exchanges and stash - I love the pin cushion.

Lisa said...

Congrats on your DD's birthday, the time goes so quickly doesn't it.
I LOVE my rr! Thanks so much for stitching your two pages on it for me, I can't wait til we all get them back in July.
Love the pinkeep you received as well, very pretty.

Michelle said...

Congrats on to your DD! Love what you've been stitching on - that color is gorgeous! What a wonderful exchange from Katrina too!