Friday, May 02, 2008


What a week, and not a lot of stitching. There was no JN Sunday last weekend, I'll try and do better this weekend.

I've had another week with problems. DS and DD had dentist on Wednesday teatime. I came home from work on the bus, we have to take turns to use the car park at work since January, so I only go in car every other week, and this week wasn't my turn. Anyway I got home from work, got changed, and went to get the car out of my garage, it was dead, a completely flat battery. So we had to walk to the dentist, fortunately I had allowed plenty of time to get there in car, so we managed the twenty minute walk to the dentist, and made it just on time. We have a battery charger, so that was put onto charge, and the plan being that we could start it from that on Thursday night, alas no luck, although it did seem to charge the battery a little bit. The charger was once again put on to charge overnight, and DS and I tried again this morning to start the car, but still no luck. I rang sis, and she came down with her friend, we tried to jump it from her friends car, but still no luck. Arrgghh. DH has now decided that the car has more wrong than just the battery. I'm not so sure. By this time it was this afternoon, and too late to get the garage to come out. Now they won't come out on a Saturday, and they aren't open on Sunday, or Monday as we have a bank holiday. I can't get them to come out Tues, Weds or Thurs as I'll be at work, so who know when I'll have my car back. I think it's time for a bit of online supermarket shopping.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the big city. DD and I are going to London for the day, and we'll shop. It's an early start, and I've had to order a Taxi to get us to the station, I hope it turns up. I have experience of ordering a taxi in the past to go for a train, and it didn't turn up, I ended up having to go in my car and got to the train with seconds to spare. This time car won't be an option.

Our printer has decided it's not happy, so that's another thing that's annoying me. I've now replaced the black cartridge 3 times in 3 days, and it's still not happy. I've still not got a new telephone either, and I'm really missing my answerphone.

Anyway, more on my age on Monday and Tuesday I was 52, that's what work does to me. LOL. On Wednesday I got down to 42, and yesterday to 40, but today I'm 48. And for all those guessing, I'm going on the WiiFit daily, it's brilliant. I've been exercising everyday, and I'm hoping to keep it up.


Julie said...

Well i was wrong, i thought it was the brain training LOL

Have a good day in London

Hope you get your car fixed soon

Mylene said...

Sorry to hear about the car Chris. Do hope you'll have fun shopping tomorrow.

Sally said...

Hope you have a great time today Chris! What have you bought??

Finger's crossed next week is better for you.

Barbara said...

Sorry you had a rough week. I hope the weekend will be full of goodness!

Michelle said...

Car problems are the worst! I had to take my car in earlier this week as well. Enjoy your shopping in London!