Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday

I'm not sure what to blog about, it's been so long. There's not been any progress on the making up of the casket and accessories, although this is what I decided to stitch on the bottom. I also did the stitching of the needleroll, but it's not made up yet.
I did lose my stitching mojo, but it has returned this week. It had to as I had some exchanges to get sorted. LOL, and being off work helped too. I also stitched a JBW design for me, but not decided on the finishing of it yet, there's not much spare fabric as I just stitched it on a scrap. I've been busy on the next round of the Quaker, as that has to be in the post next week, although the frogs have a hold on that one too. (Sorry Lisa)
I posted an exchange at the beginning of May, and I haven't heard that it's arrived yet, so I'm getting worried about that. I'm hoping I hear soon.
Apart from stitching, dh and I had our 20th Anniversary, where did those years go? I've looked into cancelling my car insurance, and going elsewhere to enable ds to be able to drive my car, but I'm still thinking about that. My premium will increase by about 800%, and ds doesn't really go out much, and he does not work so cannot contribute towards the cost, so there's a lot to think about, especially with the price of petrol, which seems to go up at least once a week. DS only has 3 weeks left at college, and then all of his exams will be over, and he just needs to wait for the results, before going on to University. Hopefully, he will find a job for the summer. DD only has 10 days, and then she has finished all her exams, and will move on to 6th form college in September, she has no intention of getting a job for the summer! Although, I have said I'll employ her as cleaner and chef, but I'm still waiting for the answer. DD is a wonderful cook, and often makes the meals. Anyway, I've rambled, so better get going. Thanks to everyone who visits, and leaves comments, I'm sorry I have not done the same. I have 593 unread blog articles, so I know I have no way of catching up. But will try to look at all the pictures!


Sally said...

I love the look of your casket and am hoping I will get to see it all made up one day:)

Happy Anniversary to you and your DH:)

Jess finishes on Wednesday ( her last exam is that day) until 16th June. She's got to go in one day to enrol for year 13 then the studying starts again on 16th. I'm hoping she'll get a part time job for the summer as she wants to learn to drive and there's no way we can fund that!

Stitchingranny said...

It took me over a week to catch up after I got behind with blogging. I do try to read some everytime I have a coffee break lol.

Julie said...

Pretty, i like that.

My car is sitting on the driveway a lot more with the price of fuel keep going up.

Barbara said...

593 blogs to read? I'd hit "mark as read" and start fresh!

Enjoy your stitching now that your mojo is back!

Michelle said...

The stitching you did for the bottom of your casket is beautiful! I'm super behind on posting, stitching and commenting - so don't feel bad!!!