Monday, October 22, 2007

Grateful Hearts exchanged received

Look at the gorgeous exchange piece I received from Julianne. I'm not sure of her blog address, I'll have to find it. Isn't this design pretty, and in a lovely thread too, and I love the fabby, and then look at the picture below to see what wonderful gifts Julianne sent me. I love them all, and she even sent me a Just Nan chart, I don't know how she knew that I didn't have that one. I'm thinking the design would be great as needleroll.

And here we have Week 5 of the JN SAL, you may have noticed there was no Week 4, well that's because my weekends have been taken up, and there's been not stitching happening here. See below if you want to know what I've been doing. I've not yet stitched the rabbit, if you wonder about the space at either side of the verse. That's because it's done in a Caron thread, which I don't have and Rene has kindly offered to send me enough to stitch it with. Aren't stitchers the kindest people.

And here is MOP from the last post, when blogger wouldn't accept her.

Now then, I'll just tell you what I've been up to. About 3 weeks ago we received a letter from ds17 college regarding University admissions for 2008, and it stated that he had to have his application in by 19th October 2007. This was also news to ds, so I had him sign up for some Uni Open Days. And this has kept me busy. I had to do the driving, and each trip was 2-3 hours driving each way. So in the last 3 weekends we've been to Hull University, Teesside University, Staffordshire University and Nottingham Trent University. All this driving made me tired, and my eyes sore, so that meant I didn't stitch. I've also been busy at work, and done a couple of nearly 10 hour days, and even went to work on Friday, which is normally my day off. Although I did have the Monday off, but that was spent doing Housework, washing, ironing etc. Now I have a week off, and took dd to get her haircut today, and then she has to go to the dentist on Wednesday for a couple of fillings. Which reminds me, I need to find myself a NHS dentist if I can.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chris, Your mermaid is making me crazy. I have de chart but I have anothers L&L started and I don't want to begin another. Seeing your I think that it's difficult to resist. I also like the Just Nan design you are doing. I'm going to take photos of silkwood Manner that is now at half and show you.
Best regards, Alda

Barbara said...

Beautiful exchange! And your stitching is lovely, too! :)

Julie said...

Beautiful exchange gifts, lucky you

Nice progress on JN and MOP too

Hope you have a quieter week this week


Carol said...

Wow, Julianne did a gorgeous job on the exchange!

Sally said...

What a beautiful exchange piece Chris:)

The mermaid is looking gorgeous as is Lady Scarlett:)

Hope things settle down for you now.

Karan said...

Such a lovely exchange piece & gifts. MOP & JN keep getting better & better, love them both. Hope life settles down for you soon! And Good Luck finding an NHS dentist - they're as rare as hens teeth.

Solstitches said...

What a lovely exchange package you received! I love the way the needlecase is finished and will have to keep that idea in mind.
Your mermaid is gorgeous.
I have most of the early mermaid charts and still to start even one.
I feel inspired seeing yours.


Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous exchange from Julianne - she's done a wonderful job!

Your Just Nan SAL and Mermaid are looking great - still awed at your perserverence with the beading in Mermaid!

NHS dentist - ugh, don't remind me, I'm so overdue!!!

Nelapx said...

felicidades Chris esta hermoso

Needlearts Kelly said...

Beautiful exchange gifts. Lady Scarlet is coming along nicely!

Dawn said...

Gorgeous exchagne! The mermaid looks great:)