Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 25

Of what?

Well, Blogger currently has problems, and it will not publish my photo. So just to say, I've done more on Mermaid of the Pearls. I've added yet more beads, and some stitches too. I think it's safe to say that I will definitely not have enough of the green beads, and will have to buy another pack. I'm surprised at this as the pattern clearly does not state more than one, as it does for the others. I'll have to order these online, as I'm sure I won't have the right colour, and I'm sure my LNS won't have any in stock. My LNS would be willing to order them in for me, but the last time they ordered some Kreinik for me, I had to go in many times, and it took over 6 months.

If you're wondering where I am, well I'm really busy with home/family at the moment, so not much stitching time. I last stitched on Friday night, which is when this photo (which you can't see) is from, although it was too dark to take when I was home on Saturday and Sunday. (Yes, I was out both days during daylight hours. So there was no Sunday SAL from me either, and I'm not sure that anyone else did any either. LOL


Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing a photo when Blogger is behaving!

Hope you had a fun weekend! LOL! Has DS made up his mind?

Julie said...

Take care Chris, i'm finding blogger a bit funny too just recently, i cant post on some blogs at all !!!!