Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Exchange

Well tomorrow will be Valentines Day, so it's about time I put the pics up. The posting date was 1st Feb, and I've been meaning to get these on for a while.

Here's what I received from Su, isn't it wonderful. Su says it's the first time she's made a flat fold. Just have a look around her blog, she makes some amazing things.

And this is what I made for Julie. They are Hardanger Hearts, from the book Hardanger Embroidery by Jill Carter. I used Caron Watercolours in Cotton Candy shade. I stitched the four hearts, and cut them out, unfortunately I had a disaster when cutting the fourth, and managed to cut the top of some of the blanket stitches. I don't know how I did it, but I fixed it with Fraycheck. I finished them both by cutting four hearts out of pink voile, these where stitched together and stuffed with home grown lavender. I then used these to stuff the hardanger hearts with. I decorated the hearts with beads and a ribbon loop. I thought they could be used as pomanders on coathangers. However, due to the disaster with one, I kept that one, and I only sent one to Julie. (Sorry Julie). Now how many times have you stitched something and not wanted to part with it. I now have the answer - you stitch two and then only send one.


Julie said...

LOL Chris i did put mine in the wardrobe and the smell is lovely when i open the door. It makes it more special that we have one each and you used homegrown lavendar in it

love the flatfold Su did for you, not tried one of those, that'll have to go on the 'have a go at' list


Mylene said...

WOW! Such lovely finishes. I really love them both!
And i understand what you feel about sending it out when you finished something and always want to make it again for myself but never got around to making any.
But i am happy when what i've completed were like by the recipient and i do received such lovely works back too.

cathymk said...

Ooh love the flat fold - what a sweet design!

Your hardanger hearts are just beautiful. No wonder you wanted to keep one!

lena-lou said...

Your little Hardanger hearts are gorgeous, no wonder you didn't mind having to keep one ;-) The Flatfold from Su is beautiful. I don't think I live that far away from you.

vavadesneiges said...

your hardanger is really nice

i love this book too, i bought it when i was in London for Stitch exhibition

Susimac said...

Your hearts are stunning I love them.
I'm really glad you liked your flatfold.

Hugs Su

Susimac said...

Your hearts are stunning I love them.
I'm really glad you liked your flatfold.

Hugs Su

Stitchingranny said...

Both your little hardanger hearts are lovely Chris and the gift from Sue is lovely too.

Meari said...

Both exchange gifts look great! I'm getting ready to my first flat fold.