Saturday, January 27, 2007

Birthday stash and another finish

Well it was my birthday last Sunday, and I got stash. I've also ordered lots for myself, but it's not arrived yet.

So here's a pic. I received this as a gift in a birthday exchange on a forum I belong. The sepnding limit is £5, but as you can see I did very well. I wish I knew where you could get all this for a fiver.

I also finished stitching Bob (Bettys dad). I was really happy to have him done, I just have to arrange to take him to Bettys friend, who'll wash him, and then he'll be sent to Bettys sister in Jersey. He's already been to Jersey at least once, so he's well travelled. If you look here you can see how much had already been stitched by Betty, and the original photo. There was not stitching under the photo. The fabric is 16count white Aida, and the chart was on 4 A4 sheets.

I've not really done much stitching this week, but I hope to remedy that today. I did pick up Bettys Japanese Garden, and worked on that for nearly an hour. I'll be pleased to finish that one too. I've seen lots I'd like from the Nashville releases, and can't wait to get my hands on them, but as I'm still awaiting an order from 3 weeks ago from the US, I won't order yet. Another parcel I was expecting has gone missing too, but that has been resent yesterday and recorded delivery, so in theory should arrive today, but in my experience if a package has to be signed for the postie doesn't deliver it on Saturday, so we'll see.

One thing I did forget to photograph was a little kitty my dd14 stitched me for my birthday. I got a magazine on the Thursday, and before I had chance to look at it, it was confiscated, dd asked me for some fabric, and then she got the threads, she then spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in her room stitching, so she could give me it on my birthday on Sunday. She didn't have time to make it into a card, so just gave me it, and we've not yet decided how to finish it off.

And a big thank you to all that read my blog, I know that not everyone leaves a comment, but I don't mind. I read lots of blogs, but leave very few comments, otherwise I'd never get off the PC. But it is really lovely to get comments.


Jacqui said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Your stash looks lovely. As does your finish. He's certainly a well travelled man isn't he?

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to you Chris!!! That's some great bithday stash. You'e stitching is wonderful! By the way, TAG you're it!! Chec out my blog to see what you have been tagged to do.

Tracey said...

Wow you got some lovely stash for your Birthday. Happy Birthday to you.
The Stitching is wonderful.

Julie said...

nice stash pressie Chris, VS looks a nice design to stitch. Bob looks super.

Susimac said...

Oh Belated Happy Birthday Chris - what lovely stash you got. Sounds like you had a great day.

Meari said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Your stash package looks great. Bob turned out well. :)

Stitchingranny said...

Many happy returns for last Sunday Chris, sorry I missed it but was sunning myself on holiday lol.

Wow your stash haul is wonderful, I too wouldnt mind that lot for a fiver. The birthday needleroll looks lovely I will look forward to seeing it stitched up.