Saturday, June 01, 2013


I'm sure most of us stitchers have UFO's?  Well I have begun a sort out of my loft which contains a variety of stuff, including lots of my craft stash.  the first thing I am getting rid of is my stitching magazines, and other magazines too.  I first began collecting magazines when the first issue of Needlecraft was issued in 1990, and then went on to collect the other cross stitching magazine publications which followed hot on the heels of Needlecraft.

Anyway back to the original subject UFO's,  I have been thinking about digging out this sampler for quite some time now, and yesterday I was in the loft just looking at my stash of fabric, and this  UFO appeared in a box (I bet if I had gone looking for it I wouldn't have been able to find it).  So  I pulled it out and started wondering why it became a UFO?  I have always had a love of samplers and still love the look of this one and the colours. 


It's stitched on 36 count cream Edinburgh linen, and I have stitched it two over two, now the pattern called for it to be stitched one over two, but I didn't read the instructions.  It's from 1992/1993 and I'd always stitched with two strands so I suppose I'd never even thought of anything being stitched just with one strand.  So my guess is that is the reason it became a UFO.  Now I really want to finish this, but my question is, do I pull it all out and start again, or do I just continue with using two strands?  Will my stitching look different now to what it did then, I'm sure my stitching is probably different after 20 years.  What do you all think?

And for anyone wondering, this sampler pattern appeared in an earlier issue of Cross Stitch Collection, I know this because I made a working copy of the pattern.  I have no idea which issue, so I am going to have to look through the magazines to find out which one, and then I can show you what it will look like finished.

This linen by the way is beautiful, does anyone know if you can still by Edingburgh linen?
Why is this post in blue at the top - well I have no idea?  I've tried everything but it will not change, and it also appears to be underlined, but the underlining does not show in 'preview' so whether it will show once I 'publish', who knows.  (i think I've managed to fix it post publication)

Thank you to those of you who are still out there reading my blog, and those who took time to leave me a comment I appreciate it.

I have lots to share, but I'm just taking it slowly, I need to rediscover how to edit my photo's and maybe a change of software might be in order.  My expert is home until tomorrow, so think it's time to wake him up, it's nearly 16 hours since he went to bed, but he had been up for over 36 hours.

See you all soon.



Nicola said...

I'd continue using two strands Chris and see what you think. I've often stitched with two strands on 36ct and it has looked okay, although one strand is easier to work with. And yes, you can still buy Edinburgh linen on Sew and So and Willow Fabrics to name just two websites.

Karoline said...

Lovely to see you posting again, your Sampler is gorgeous

Julie said...

I vote do a bit and see what you think before you undo it all, it does look lovely.

Sally said...

I'm with Nicola. I would continue with 2 strands. It looks lovely too. Glad to see you posting again.

Clare - Aimetu said...

I'd do a little bit with ywo and see how it goes - like Nicola says you can sill get Edinburgh linen.

There is a UFO section on Needlecraft Haven with Julie and Mr Stick if you need a help along