Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank you

I just want to say a Big Thank You to everyone who took the time to leave me a comment. I have received lots of lovely comments from lots of people I have never 'met in blogland' before, and it's nice to visit blogs I've never seen before. If you left me a comment and it includes your email address, then I am getting around to thanking you personally, and if you don't receive an email from me, then I have deleted yours by mistake, but there are quite a few that I have no way of contacting, and I am truly grateful. I also wanted to say that I am still stitching, it's blogging I am having the problem with. However, something has happened this week to give me a little bit of a cheer up, I won't go into detail but this could finally be the end of something which started a long time ago.

And now I'm sure everyone here is thinking about Japan, it is on the news all of the time. My heart goes out to everyone there, I cannot comprehend what they are going through. Their emotions must be all over the place with what is going on. I only know of two stitching sisters from there - I know there will be lots more. It's nice to know that Yuko is safe, and today I have heard from Satomi (who was one of my first exchange partners), but how will their country recover from this.


Kathy A. said...

It is nice to see you blogging again.
I am glad to hear you are stitching and I hope that blogging urge returns soon.

Tatkis said...

Hope to see new posts in your blog :)
And of course horrible things happen in Japan...

Best wishes,

Julie said...

I hope your cheeriness continues!

Dani - tkdchick said...

You know you don't have to blog if you don't feel like it. You have to do what gives you joy!

Smile, its contagious!

david said...

Hey Chris,
I am glad you're back blogging. I am not a regular visitor but from time to time I pay a visit to all the blogs listed on my computers. Blogland is fantastic to share things about our passion for needle and thread so I do hope you'll be around for a long time ;-)

sheri said...

Hi, a friend and I tried to leave comments on your giveaway post, but they haven't shown up yet....thought I would try to leave a comment on this post to see if it worked...maybe there's a broken link somewhere?


Jackie said...

Blogging can begin to feel very burdensome when you feel you must blog. Post pictures of your finishes if you'd like - they require very little text - and keep the newsy posts for when you really feel like it. I just became a follower today and looking through your past posts, I can see that you do beautiful stitching!