Saturday, March 08, 2008

JN Sunday

Here's an update pic for last Sunday, I can't believe how much more I did. It seems like Sundays are my only stitching days at the moment. I've been really suffering with tiredness by evenings, so there's no stitching after work. I didn't pick up a needle again until last night. I started the March monthly challenge, which this month is Blue Ribbon Designs freebie called Alphabet Tree, sadly no longer available as a freebie. I can't show you that until reveal day, but once again I'm looking forward to JN Sunday, I still have the bees, butterflies and ladybug to stitch on this, and then it will be on to Part 2. I will leave all the beads and charms until the end.

Next weeks stitching plans include, finishing Part 2 of the Garden Sampler Casket, I still have to stitch the bottom. I think Part 3 will be out on the 15th. I then want to plan/decide the two SBEBB exchanges I've joined. Also it's mailing day next week for the RR, so I should be receiving the next one soon. And I've still not received my SBEBB Valentines Exchange. I know it's coming from Canada, and I know it was posted on 2nd Feb. I think I also have a good idea of who it's coming from, as there's someone from Canada who keeps visiting my blog! But I'm not going to say who it is yet! So come on postie, hurry up.

And today is International Womens Day, so here's wishing all you ladies out there a great day. And if you visit, I'd love you to leave a comment. I really appreciate everyone who visits, and everyone who leaves a comment. So here's to all of you -



Carla said...

Great progress!! This design is beautiful!
Hope yuo get your Valentine's Exchange soon!
Happy women's day!

Stitchingranny said...

Stitch slowly Chris, you will get withdrawal symptoms when its done lol. Its looking lovely.

tkdchick said...

Your JN is looking great and can't wait to see pt1 all finished up.

The mail from Canada seems to be slow lately! It also makes a huge difference if your partner sent something air or surface!

Julie said...

Barnabee looks great Chris, hope you are feeling a bit better as each day passes by

Postal service is so slow these days, i hope it arrives this week

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I'm just into part 2, so I'm hoping to make a little progress on my first JN Sunday! And when I finish Barnabee I have Queen of the Needle, and when I finish that... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful progress! Hope your package turns up soon, its so fustrating waiting for stash mail :)

Karan said...

Great pogress on the JN Chris - it's so pretty. :0)
Hope you're feeling much better soon (((hugs))).

'Berta said...

Wow! You have inspired me to pull my JN out and get it started! Sunday SAL has a nice ring to it!

Sally said...

Barnabee is looking good Chris.

Hope you're feeling better this week. {{{{hugs}}}}

Hope your exchange piece arrives soon.