Sunday, March 25, 2007

A new start

Hi everyone, sorry I've been away so long. I know some people have said they've missed me, so thank you for missing me! I've been really busy, and life just got in the way. I have been stitching, even if it's not anywhere near as much as usual. My pc time has been extremely limited, but hopefully it's coming back.

I thought I'd show pictures of the Round Robin I joined a while back. It's organised by Colette, in one of the groups I belong. It's the first time I've joined a RR, there's six of us in it, and the others all joined before me. They're really nice people, so that's why I joined. We have all chosen a theme, and sent charts with the RR as it goes on it's travels. My dd chose my theme, and it's weight watchers. The charts are from a stitching magazine, I can't remember which at this moment in time. I've named them 'The Fat Girls', and you never know maybe I can lose some weight before they return! The posting date for the RR is the 10th of every month, so I said goodbye to mine, and received Essie's from Holland. Essies' theme is Christmas Cottages, and she has stitched a border, and we each get to stitch a cottage. Essie is going to make it into a Bell Pull on it's return. What a great idea, and I love Christmas designs, so couldn't wait to stitch on this when it arrived. I hope Essie loves it when it gets back to her. Next I'll be receiving Sarah's, but you'll have to wait and see what her theme is-just watch this space.

I've also had a couple of new starts, and something else which is a secret, but I'll post about them at another date. Hope you're all well, and see ya later.


jane said...

Nice to see you blogging again Chris, I know how hard it can be to find the time. Your RRs look great - look forwasrd to seeing more

Julie said...

Hiya Chris, nice to see you

love the Weight Watchers RR you chose, thats going to be fab

well done on the christmas one too

and a secret ??? last secret was sent to me LOL

Happy Stitching

Nelapx said...

esta hermosa.... de que revista es las imagenes de RR?¿

Stitchingranny said...

both nice Chris but love the fat ladies. will look forward to seeing this when it comes back.

Dede said...

I love the idea of the Weight Watchers RR. Hopefully we'll be seeing some WIP pics on other blogs. What magazine are you using? I'd be interested in picking up a copy.

Sally said...

Love both the RR's Chris, but especially love Christmas one. It's really pretty.

Meari said...

The RR's look really good!

Andrea said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. Great theme for a rr! Looking forward to seeing it complete. :)
Take care.

Deanne J said...

Nice to see you back Chris

Love the Weight Watchers theme, great idea.