Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I received this chart in the Chatelaine Advent Calender, it was for Day 10, and I just couldn't wait to get started, so here it is. I stitched it in the recommended DMC's, but I used a Madeira metallic for the Silver, and boy does it shine. I also used some glass beads which I bought at the NEC last month, I just couldn't resist them they are really shiney too, but it doesn't show on the photo. I finished it last night. I can already see it in different colour combinations.

Hope you like.


Mylene said...

I LOVE it, Chris. It looks wonderful. Well done! How are you going to finish it off??

Kathy said...

Oh wow Chris that is lovely, I missed day 10 as I was away, oh well never mind maybe next time.

Its beautiful well done.

Hugs xxxxxx

Yany said...

So pretty!!! congratulations!!!

Susimac said...

Oh Chris its stunning - I too missed day 10 - I was out with friends - never mind its always the nicest ones that get missed isn't it.
Yours is stunning.

Barbara said...

This is really beautiful Chris and I'm looking forward to seeing how you will finish it.
Barb in TX

Meari said...

Very pretty!